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Monday, August 8, 2022

Momos Chutney form| Momo Sauce.

 Momos Chutney form| Momo Sauce. 


Momos chutney, a racy red sauce made with dry red chillies, garlic and tomatoes, is a must have dipping sauce for Veg Momos. This hot and racy sauce/ chutney is also known as Tomato Chilli Garlic Sauce and has little watery thickness. 

in india, momos are generally considered as a road food and can be seen served with variety of gravies and seasonings. in this form i've shown one similar variation which is substantially prepared with ripe and juicy tomatoes. 

Momos Chutney is a racy, fiery chutney seasoning that's served as a dip with momos – which are Tibetan style dumplings 


3 tomatoes 

8 dried red whole chilies acclimate as per your taste 

2 mug water 

1 tbsp finely diced garlic 

tablespoon finely diced gusto 

1 tablespoon ginger 

1/2 tablespoon soy sauce 

swab as per taste 

A pinch of sugar 


1. Pour 2 mugs water in a deep pot/ visage and heat it over medium honey. Add the dry red chilli and the tomatoes in it. 

2. Cook them for a aggregate of about 8 to 9 twinkles. You'll see that the tomatoes start to peel out. 

3. Turn off the honey and drain redundant water by transferring them to a large sieve. Transfer them to a plate. 

4. Once it's cooled down, remove the skin of tomatoes. 

5. Transfer the hulled tomatoes and red chilli into blender. 

6. Also add garlic and gusto 

7. Add sugar, ginger, swab and soy sauce. 

8. Grind to a smooth puree. Do n’t add water while grinding. 

9. Check for the seasoning and add further if needed. 

10. eventually, momos chutney is ready to enjoy with wheat momos or veg momos.

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