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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Khichu form.

 Khichu form. 


still, you would have noticed a cube dealing white dough like stuff in a mug with ice cream ladle, If you have ever visited garba venue during jubilee of Navaratri or any consumer show in Gujarat. It's known as “ Khichu ” in Gujarati and actually a dough from which traditional papads are prepared. still, this dough alone is so succulent with groundnut oil painting that people eat it as a snack. 

Khichu can be prepared from colorful types of flours like rice flour, wheat flour, bajri flour, nachani flour, jowar flour etc. still this form uses the rice flour which is sluggishly added to the blend of green chili, cumin seeds and sesame seeds in boiling water until thick like soft dough and also cooked with a brume. 



1 mug Rice Flour 

2 ½ mugs Water 

1 tablespoon Cumin Seeds 

1 tablespoon Sesame Seeds 

2 Green Chilies, crushed 

1/ 8 tablespoon Baking Soda( soda pop bi-carbonate) 

swab to taste 

1 ½ soup spoons Peanut Oil( for greasing and serving) 

2 soup spoons Fresh Coriander Leaves 



step- 1 

Take 2 ½ mugs water in a deep visage. Add cumin seeds, sesame seeds, green chillies, incinerating soda pop and swab and boil it over medium honey for a nanosecond. 

step- 2 

Now gradationally add rice flour( 1- 2 soupspoons at a time) while stirring continuously using rustic spatula. 

step- 3 

As the flour is getting mixed with water, it'll start to cake. Make sure that there must be no lumps of the flour. sluggishly add and mix entire rice flour and it'll start getting soft dough like thickness. 

step- 4 

Cook for a nanosecond and turn off honey. Transfer it to a plate. 

step- 5 

Pour 1- glass water in steamer and bring it to boil over medium honey.( If you don't have steamer also take a deep vessel and boil water in it.) 

step- 6 

Place prepared dough in a steamer vessel, place it inside the steamer, cover with a lid and brume- chef for about 8 twinkles. Turn off honey, open the lid and let it cool for 2- 3 twinkles.( If you aren't using steamer also take set dough in colander and place it over deep vessel having scorching water in it. Cover it with a plate and brume chef for about 8 twinkles. Turn off the honey, remove plate and allow it to cool for 2- 3 twinkles) 

step- 7 

Grease 4- existent mugs with peanut oil painting. Divide set rice flour khichu into 4- portions and transfer it to individual serving mugs. Garnish with diced coriander leaves and serve hot with raw peanut oil painting( add little red chilli greasepaint in it for racy taste).

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