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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Edutour App Download for quiz

 Edutour App Download here

An open stage that associates educators and understudies of all Languages and Boards.

The mission at the core of the Editor App is to interface the scholastic local area across the globe and engage them to make progress toward better training results.

An open stage exclusively for training associates educators and understudies across the globe and gives generally expected devices to instructing and learning.

• Join as an instructor and make and transfer substance of any subject, board, and language you like. Your devotees can gain from you by getting to all of your substance you made as live classes or gatherings, video addresses, tests, mock tests, and materials.

• Join as an understudy and follow educators you see as generally appropriate for you to gain from and afterward access their whole instructing. Actually that straightforward !!

Highlights you'll continuously cherish :

• Live Class and Conference - Enjoy a free live class of as long as 45 minutes. Educators will have the choice of permitting them to join either by devotees or favorited understudies.

• Video Lectures - Just glue a connection to your Youtube video here, this is the means by which your video address is transferred on Edutor App.

• Test - Want to test a's how understudy might interpret a specific theme? Simply transfer inquiries here by clicking photographs, composing the inquiries, or by straightforwardly taking inquiries from the Qs library. No stamping for the tests! Ohh, then it's astonishing na !!

• Test - Want to transfer a test? Set an organization for it then, at that point, transferring questions is something similar and as basic as test transferring.

• Mock Exam - Want to orchestrate cutthroat tests like JEE or NEET? There are given fixed designs for those, so select the test and timetable it. Instructions to transfer questions ? that you know pretty well from here on out !!

1લી એપ્રિલ પહેલા આ કામ ચોક્કસથી કરી લો

🔹NPS, PPF, સુકન્યા સમૃદ્ધિ યોજના ખાતા ધારકો સાવધાન

🔸નહી તો મહત્વના ખાતા થઇ જશે બંધ

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

 Material - Upload materials in the organization of PDF or JPG.

• Make Playlist - You can make a Playlist for video addresses, Setlists for tests, Examslist for tests, and a List for materials.

• Questions Library - Want to make tests or tests rapidly? simply take Qs of that subject from the Question Library.

સોલ્વ કરો...Puzzle

                111 - 13

                112 - 24

                113 - 35

                117 - ❓

the answer is below image 

Edu tour App અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

શહીદ દિવસ કવીઝ અહીંથી આપો તા.21 થી 23 માર્ચનું અભિયાન

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