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Sunday, March 14, 2021

100 Choras Vaar Mmafat Plot Yojna


100 Choras Vaar Mmafat Plot Yojna By Panchayat Department



100 Chorass Vaar Maafat Plote Yojana By Panchayat Department: Implementation of a new a policy to a improve scheme for a giving a ffree plot of a 100 sq. ft presidential an accommodation pplot or a homeless building in rural aareas 2019



Plans for a living inn rural aareas a or a pplotting to a provide 100 sq. fFree plot to village a llabourers a annd rural ccraftsmen a rregistered in a BPL a weere not I iamplemented. Under a tthis scheme 16-117,030 beeneficiaries have been allocated free plots for the benefit of all a bbeneficiary plotss a given to a tthe beneficiaries of a 0 to 16 annd 17 to 20 in a tthe free a pplot scheme.



Noteworrthy a tthat due a tto some pprovisions uunder a tthe sccheme, thhe plot or home-based needy beneficiaries ccould not a gget the bbenefit ddue to a the pplots in a tthe rrural area. As the Primee Minister is aa beneficiary of the housing scheme, due to lack of a oownership of a tthe pplot or bbecause there was no name on a thee list in a tthe BPL a the plot could not be aallocated and a ccould nott a benefit the Prime Minister’s Awas Yojana.


General a Chatt Chatt Lounge a As a result, tthe sState a gGovernment a has been able to a make plotss available to a ppeople in rrural areass eeasily due to appropriate reforrms a  reequired by the Sstate Governments tto a o improve existing policies, due tto theiir rrepresentation in aa tthe ggovernment’s schemess byy a tthe plots. orr home-basedd neeedy bbeneficiaries in a tthe government. A neww policy hasa a  beeen a iimplemented from thee rresolutionn




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Under tthe Houusing a sScheme of a tthe Center, qqualifying fora hhousing assistance. Must have been living in the village for a aat leasst one year. In this particular case, the beneficiariess haaving eligibility conditions are not allowed to a oobstruuct tthe 100-square meter llimit and there is a limit of 10 lakh per gram panchayat for private lannd acquisition. This a llimit has been abolishedd.a  aApart from this, the a ccost.



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