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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Government helps to repair the house

  Government helps to repair the house


Under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana, a subsidy of a Rs 2.67 lakh isa ccurrently ggiven to a tthe applicant onn  tthe a ppurchase of aa nnew a hhouse-flat.  iIt is a nnow eligible ffor tthe same a ssubsidy ffrom the ggovernment a onn a  lloans ttaken by a tthe applicant ffor a rrenovation of a oold house or for a rrenovation of a  uunfinished hhouse a wwhich a mmost of a tthe aapplicants aare a nnot aaware a oof.

In the a samee a way a tthat thee ccentral a ggovvernment pprovides a iinterest ssubsidy oon a tthe purchase of a new house, thee ssubsidy onn this loan is a also provided under the Housing for Alll Missionn.


However ffor a tthis a tthe applicant has a tto ssubmit thee rrequired pproofs to a tthe aauthorized bank  hhousing ffinance a ccompany or co-operative bank.  Also, when tthe aapplicant taakes aa loan, it should be clearly sstated in tthe aapplication that hhe wwants to a avail thhe benefit of a cCredit Link Subsidy a sScheme (CLSS).  eEligibility of a ffinancial  a institutions as wwell a as the applicant’s interest a assistance request is a vverified by a that bank.  Thee Nationall Housingg Baank will then sendd thee application too HUDCO for waages at thea a  end of a eeach month.


The amountt of a ssubsidy will bbe credited to a tthe aaccount of a tthe aapplicant a ffollowing thee prescribed a pprocedure of a pPradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.  Thhe applicant will be given a voucher or certificate by the e committee. a  tThe aapplicant has to ssubmit this ccertificate in the bback on the basis of which tthe amount oof interest subsidy will be ccredited to the account of the applicant.

These peoplee will not a get help

The applicant should not haave availed of a aany scheme of the government of India to a avail the amount of a interest suubsidy on the loan.  If the applicant wwants to rrenovate his hhouse or pave the raw hoouse, he should not have availed of aany housing sscheme of the gGovernment of India.  He will be eligible for a ssubsidy only if he hhas not aavailed sucha  benefit.

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This benefit ccan be availed only if any meember of the applicant’s family does not an own aa pucca house across an India but not aAtelung.  The persons whom the applicant inncludes in hhis family include his spouse and unmarriedd children.


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The amount of subbsidy will be crediteed to a the account of tthe aapplicant following thea  prescribed procedure of Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana.  The applicant wwill be given a vooucher or a certificate by thee committee.  The applicant hassa to submit this ceertificate in the abback on the basis of a which the aamount of iinterest asssistance will abbe creedited to the aaccount of the aapplicant.

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