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Thursday, November 12, 2020

how to make a special rangoli of Wagh Baras

  Rangoli artist from Surat tells how to make a special rangoli of Wagh Baras

Hemanta Zardosh, a very well known rangoli artist from Surat, has explained to the readers of Zee 24 Hours how to make a tiger three-dimensional rangoli from vegetables.

how to make a special rangoli of Wagh Baras
how to make a special rangoli of Wagh Baras

Chetan Patel / Surat: The days of Diwali are approaching. People are preparing in earnest to welcome Diwali. Everyone's face is glowing. Tiger baras is also important in Diwali. Now that Waghbaras has hours to count, everyone is locked in to do something new on Waghbaras this year. So for them, this year, Hemanti Zardosh, a very well-known rangoli artist from Surat, has come up with a way to make a tiger's three-dimensional rangoli from vegetables. Only carrots, radishes, and cloves can be used to make a tiger masterpiece. And its three-dimensional effect is also seen due to the use of the plate. So that it will look more impressive.

How to prepare Vegetable Rangoli:

First, invert a plate.

Then draw a tiger's eye, nose, and mouth on it with a pencil.

Make a thin slice of carrot, radish one to one and a half inches.

Cut the cloves from the head and make small ropes.

 You can also spread carrot and radish powder on the picture you have drawn at the beginning.

Then arrange the carrots, radishes, and cloves. This will make the rangoli more attractive.

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When making this vegetable rangoli, keep in mind that it is a vegetable that dries quickly. So cut and prepare rangoli immediately. Can't be kept out long. Cover it with a plastic cover and you can save it in the fridge one day.

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