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Monday, November 27, 2023

Astounding video from the Moon Miniature Telescope

 Astounding video from the Moon Miniature Telescope

Moon Miniature Telescope Astounding Video

 Moon Miniature Telescope Astounding Video: Today we watch Astonishing HD Recordings of Moon Shooting by Miniature Telescope. This is a 36 seconds video clasp of the Moon Among Russia and Canada Icy Sea. Here, the moon ascends on the day and passes before the sun, and covers the entire sun for 30 seconds. It's previously unheard of video for you so how about we watch the Astonishing moon View 360 recordings.

 Moon Miniature Telescope Video Astonishing

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Among Russia and Canada where the Cold Sea. There is the day when the moon rises and passes before the sun and afterward covers the sun for 30 seconds. After that promptly it goes through there and vanishes. This video is shot from a unique sort of miniature telescope. The first moon should be visible in this video. This "magnificent" perspective on the moon requires 0.36 seconds.

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Watch video click here

Astounding video from the Moon Miniature Telescope

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