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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Sharp AQUOS XLED F8 Mini LED television launched with 65 inch display, a home cinema experience

Sharp AQUOS XLED F8 Mini LED television launched with 65 inch display, a home cinema experience.



 Electronics company Sharp Electronics has introduced a new 65- inch Mini LED television in the Chinese request. The new Sharp AQUOS XLED F8 television is equipped with 4K resolution with 120Hz display refresh rate. This new luxury television from Sharp is packed with important features, furnishing a cinematic experience at home. On the other hand, if you're a gaming sucker, this television can also give you the stylish gaming experience. Then we're telling you about the features and specifications of this smart television from price etc. 

Sharp AQUOS XLED F8 Price and Vacuity. 

 Talking about the price, Sharp AQUOS XLED F8 is priced at RMB,999 i.e. roughly Rs in Indian currency. Talking about the vacuity, it's available for trade in China. 

 Sharp AQUOS XLED F8 Features and Specifications.


 In terms of specs and features, the Sharp AQUOS XLED F8 sports a 65- inch LED display that offers a peak brilliance of over to,800 nits and a original dimming zone of over to,160. The XLED technology in the XLED F8 is a ground between IPS and OLED panels. XLED combines the stylish of both technologies to give excellent donation with excellent discrepancy and dimming capabilities. 

In terms of gaming experience, Sharp AQUOS XLED F8 can be perfect for gaming operations. Although Sharp has not given information about some of the features of the television. There's presently no information on the response time and viewing angles of the AQUOS XLED F8. A fast response time is especially important when using the television as a gaming examiner. 

 Talking about the global vacuity of AQUOS XLED F8 outside of China, Sharp has not given any information about it at the moment. The exact date of the television launch is also presently unknown. Eventually, it would n’t be wrong to say that not important is known about the Sharp AQUOS XLED F8 yet.

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