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Sunday, March 20, 2022

What is a gas geyser?

 A gas geyser installed in a bathroom can endanger your life! Know this before using

A man has died after a gas geyser fell on a hotel bathroom in Gurugram. It is said that a person named Satyadeva died due to poisonous gas in the gas geyser. Earlier this month, a 13-year-old girl was killed by a gas geyser in Dwarka, Delhi. The postmortem report stated that the cause of death was carbon monoxide gas. In fact, gas geysers contain carbon monoxide gas. Many times such accidents are caused due to leakage and people have to lose their lives. However, it cannot be said that every gas geyser endangers a person's life. Such accidents often occur due to carelessness and a little carelessness while using the gas geyser. Let us know what a gas geyser is and what precautions should be taken while using it.

What is a gas geyser?

Water is heated by a gas geyser. Often you will see gas geysers in bathrooms in rooms of houses and hotels. Its use increases in winter, as hot water is required at this time. Heating water through LPG gas in homes increases gas consumption and cost, which is why people often install gas geysers in bathrooms.

Here are some things to keep in mind before installing or using a gas geyser:

Be careful not to place the gas geyser in a place where the whole space is filled. When installing it in the bathroom and kitchen, make sure that there is space around and proper ventilation. If you are installing a gas geyser in the bathroom of your home, make sure that there is space for a ventilator.

What is a gas geyser

Run the exhaust fan when using the gas geyser in the bathroom. If there is any leakage from your gas geyser, do not use it and check the gas geyser periodically to avoid any mishap. Do not run the gas geyser all day. If more than one person in the house is using it, run the gas geyser with a proper gap. If gas is leaking from the gas geyser and you have a cough and suffocation complaint, turn off the geyser immediately and move to a ventilated area.

બાથરૂમમાં લગાવેલું ગેસ ગીઝર ખતરામાં નાંખી શકે છે તમારું જીવન! ઉપયોગ કરતા પહેલાં આટલું જાણી લો

In fact, if you inhale even a small amount of the carbon monoxide gas present in the gas geyser, it can be life-threatening. Breathing in an atmosphere with high levels of carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen in the body and the person dies.

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