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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Download Rapha english speking app

 Rapha English: English Speaking Course

Rapha English is a Spoken English Game App offering a FREE English Speaking Course covering English articulation, English syntax, and English discussion abilities.

Play and Learn English for FREE with RAPHA and FRIENDS!

Rapha English App has forthcoming English Speaking courses that would cover themes on English Grammar, English Pronunciation, and English Conversation abilities in more detail.

To find out about the Rapha English Speaking Course, interface with us!

 Rafa English is a spoken English game application that offers a free English speaking course covering English moralization, English language, and English discussion limits.

ગુજરાત સરકારનો મોટો નિર્ણય: ધોરણ 1 અને 2માં અંગ્રેજી વિષય દાખલ કરાશે, વિધાનસભામાં શિક્ષણમંત્રી વાઘાણીની જાહેરાત, આગામી શૈક્ષણિક વર્ષથી અમલ 

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મહામંથનમાં અંગ્રેજી વિષય જે ધોરણ 1 થી 2માં દાખલ થવાનો છે એની ચર્ચાઓ થઈ જુઓ આખા મહામંથન નો વિડીયો⤵️⤵️

મહામંથનમાં અંગ્રેજી વિષય જે ધોરણ 1 થી 2માં દાખલ થવાનો છે એની ચર્ચાઓ થઈ જુઓ આખા મહામંથન નો વિડીયો*

Download App From Play store

(Heroes, villains, and superheroes 2)

Rafa English Speaking Course Features:

😇 Unique Gamified English Learning Method - LPEGA

Every English speaking exercise for learning English through Rafa, English speaking practice, music, and English conversation games.

St Learn English through stories and games

Learn English through kendo records from Rafa and friends (The Heroes, The Villains, and Superheroes) to work on your English conversation and relativity.

Ak Speak and get feedback

Rafa English Learn English by speaking in an incisive structure. Get a second assessment and study English discussion limits.

અંગ્રે Learn English with Power Up and Superheroes!

Play Rafa English as a Game: English Conversation Course! Be a seraph and show your English speaking limits.

Give achievement badges

To make your English learning experience an exciting one on the web, win superheroes by seeing bits of confirmation, and show your legitimacy! At the chance you lose, finally, start and win them back!

Fun Games

Play and learn English with Rafa and friends!

Download APP

The Rafa English application is progressing towards English-speaking courses that will cover English grammar, English pronunciation, and English conversation limit topics in more detail.

Interface with us for many plans on Rafa's English Speaking Course!

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