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Friday, March 18, 2022

How do mosquitoes determine whose blood to suck?

 How do mosquitoes determine whose blood to suck? Learn the detailed answer

Mosquito infestation has also started as the heat increases. At the same time, the risk of diseases caused by mosquito bites has also increased. Mosquitoes make people sick on a large scale every year. Mosquito repellent is also sprayed, but it seems impossible to get rid of it completely. Everyone knows that only female mosquitoes suck blood, not male mosquitoes. In such a situation, the question is how the female mosquito decides whose blood to suck?

Detects humans from CO2-

The answer to this question has been found in a research. Researchers say that female mosquitoes need both smell and sight to detect their prey. For example, we exhale carbon dioxide (CO2), which has a distinct odor. The female mosquito sniffs the odor and approaches the man and then hunts it down using her eyesight.

The stench is found 100 feet away.

Female mosquitoes have the ability to smell from 100 feet away, scientists said. The air we emit every second contains 5 percent carbon dioxide. Upon sniffing it, the female mosquito quickly flies towards the man. Research has also shown that mosquitoes are more attracted to dizzy objects, but less so than carbon dioxide.

This is how the location is known-

According to experts, female mosquitoes detect us because they are able to identify different components of human odor. When mosquitoes come near us with the help of this smell, they know our whereabouts from our body heat. Scientists say that if female mosquitoes lose their ability to smell, we can avoid mosquito bites.

The ability to smell must be eliminated.

Diseases caused by mosquitoes, such as malaria, Zika virus, and dengue, can be prevented if mosquitoes do not bite humans. However, female mosquitoes cannot recognize us just because of their ability to smell, so they can be avoided by attacking their other abilities. Scientists say that efforts will have to be made to eliminate the ability of female mosquitoes to sniff.

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