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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojna Assistance Amount

 Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojna Assistance Amount

Vahan Akasmat Sahay

What treatment is remembered for the plan incorporate

All Of Which Include Injuries Like Dressing, Stabilization, Fracture Stabilization, Respiratory Condition, X-Ray, Injury Operations, CT Scan, MRI, Ultra Sound, Blood Transfusion, Head Injuries Treatment And Operation, Intimate Treatment Unit (ICU), Stomach And Muscle Injuries. Incorporates The Costs Of Kind Treatment.

In the event of street mishaps, Gujarat government will give help up to 50 thousand

Nitin Patel, Deputy Cm Of Gujarat declared The Scheme That Gujarat Road mishap Victims To Get Rs. 50000.

The Gujarat Government On Wednesday Announced That It Will Provide Medical Treatment Up To Rs 50,000 To All Road Accident Victims Across The State.

As per The Government, The Government Would Bear The Medical Expenses Of An Injured Person During The First 48 Hours Of Accident On Being Shifted To The Nearest Hospital.

Vice president Minister Nitin Patel Said That On An Average Gujarat Records About 29,000 Road Accidents And Around 6,500 Deaths Annually.

"We Have Taken This Decision To Help Victims Avail Speedy Treatment And Get The Requisite Tests Including Mri, Ct Scan Or X-Ray And Treatment, Including Operation, During The Critical 48 Hours After The Accident," Said Nitin Patel, Also The Health Minister.

Any Person Traveling To Gujarat, From Any Part Of The Country Or Abroad, Would Be Entitled To This Benefit. Nitin Patel, Deputy Cm Of Gujarat Announced The Scheme That Gujarat Road Accident Victims To Get Rs. 50000.

Vahan Akasmat Sahay : Help in the mishap from any spot in the state

Gandhinagar: Gujarat Accident 50000 Form . While the episodes of street mishaps are expanding in the express, a significant declaration was made by the Gujarat government on Wednesday. As indicated by which assuming any individual in the state is harmed in street mishaps, then, at that point, Rs. 50 thousand will be given to the state government for sure fire treatment in a close by government or private emergency clinic.

Vahan Akasmat Sahay : Monitoring of the plan will be finished by the state level

The harmed individual will seek a wide range of treatment in 48 hours and the public authority will give this sum straightforwardly to the emergency clinic to save his life. The advantage of this plan will be given to every one individuals. With the total checking of the plan from the state level, the state government dispensed Rs 30 crore for the year 2018-19.

Vahan Akasmat Sahay : Deputy Chief Minister declared

State Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said today that 6,483 individuals passed on in 29.39 street mishaps consistently in Gujarat. In that capacity, assuming the patient endures the patient's life in such mishaps, then, at that point, the state government will straightforwardly provide the emergency clinic with the expense of Rs 50,000 for the 48-hour treatment in any administration or private medical clinic close the harmed.

Vahan Akasmat Sahay: What treatment is remembered for the plan to incorporate

All of which incorporate wounds like dressing, adjustment, crack adjustment, respiratory condition, x-beam, injury activities, CT examine, MRI, ultrasound, blood bonding, head wounds treatment and activity, private treatment unit (ICU), stomach and muscle wounds. Incorporates the expenses of kind treatment.

Vahan Akasmat Sahay : Do not go through the initial 48 hours of the treatment cost

The individual experiencing a mishap will be given in any private clinic, locale taluka clinics, clinical universities clinics or some other public or private medical clinic. Mishap patients won't need to pay any cash for essential treatment. Private clinics won't need to take any cash from the patient for the initial 48 hours of treatment. Thalang medical clinics should present a bill of therapy to the District Officer or Doctor Superintendent of the individual region, and the private emergency clinic will be surrendered an amount of to 50 thousand rupees for the bill.

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