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Friday, December 15, 2023

Anubandham GOG Job Application

  Anubandham GOG Job Application | :

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Anubandham GOG Job Application

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Download Anubandham (GOG) Job Application

Anubandham Registration On WebPortal

Anubandham Login On Web Portal

ANUBANDHAM" A New Umbrella for Bridging Aspirant's Needs through Direct Hiring between work Applicants and eMployers.

"Anubandham" is a drive from the Directorate of Employment and Training (DET), Government of Gujarat. The App is essentially engaged to associate the chances with the goals of the young people of the State. Anubandham works with Job Seekers and Job Providers through auto-matching in a profoundly straightforward and easy-to-use way. This application is additionally upheld by the Anubandham drive of the office. Portable App "Anubandham" works with clients to find and go after an appropriate position posted by the scouts and occupation suppliers. Alarms and Notifications make them informed with regards to their booked meetings and ongoing occurring on the entrance. The simple work posting, continue parser, Job Application following, plan the executives, and advance inquiry dependent on the areas and useful regions are key highlights of the App.

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Anubandham GOG Job Application
Anubandham GOG Job Application

Anubandham GOG Job Application

As of now, under the State Department of Labor and Employment, the Office of the Director of Employment and Training has dispatched 'Anubandham' web-based interface and portable application to give work to each adolescent in the state and to give great gifted labor to the businesses.

Anubandham GOG Job Application
Anubandham GOG Job Application

This entry will go about as an extension between the business and the young looking for work. For this, the young who need to find a new line of work and the people who need to give a task need to enroll on the entry

Significant Links:

Download Anubandham (GOG) Job Application

Anubandham Registration On WebPortal

Anubandham Login On Web Portal

Organizations and different associations can secure position opportunities by going to this partner entrance and finding a new line of work through online-disconnected meetings by enrolling in this application and getting an appropriate line of work. This application will be exceptionally useful for the young who are meandering around to get work

Data contained in this client manual has been gotten from "Anubandham Portal" for the Directorate of Employment and Training. Each care has been taken by the staff in arrangement of the information contained thus and in confirmation of its precision when distributed, but the substance of this reference booklet is liable to change without notice because of variables outside its control Team and this manual ought to, consequently, be utilized as an aide in particular. For instance, the items alluded to in this distribution are consistently worked on through additional exploration and

advancement and this might prompt data contained in this manual to be changed without.

Client will actually want to see the below(dashlet):

Principle Dashboard: Already according to the client.

Profile: User can design and refresh the data for their particular profile.

Boss: User can track down the particular business and their recorded work.

Search Job: User can secure the applicable position coordinating with the profile from the recorded work and can

likewise apply.

Work Applied: User can see the data/status for their individual applied work and can acknowledge

or then again reject the proposition made by a business subsequent to being chosen by the business.

My Interview: User can see, acknowledge and reject the meeting demand from the business

as to work applied by work searcher.

Work Fair: User can view, enlist and partake by going after the positions recorded in the

Work Fair.

Download: User can see and download the temporary affirmation letter (if

appropriate) and Job Fair section pass (if relevant) concerning the application made

for the positions recorded on the entry.

1.9 Job Fair

Dashlet permits you, as a jobseeker to view, enlist and partake in any/all of the work reasonable

coordinated in Gujarat State through the Anubandham entrance. Your need to pre-enrolled (i.e apply

for the recorded occupation by a business) in a task reasonable for get the section pass for the scene access.

Click the "Occupation Fair" dashlet. This shows the "Occupation Fair" screen.

Work Seeker can see the rundown of Job Fair alongside the subtleties, for example, Date, Time, Address,

Any significant guidelines/notice recorded by a coordinator.

Work Seeker is needed to click "Know more" to see more data about the individual work

reasonable, for example, Number and subtleties of manager enrolled for that occupation reasonable; Job recorded by the

particular boss.

To go after a position, Job Seeker is needed to click "Recorded Job" to see the occupation's recorded by an


Click the "Occupation Preview" connection to see subtleties of the work.

Click the "Go after position" connection of a task, to apply for it

The same can likewise be seen under the segment "Occupation Applied".

When the Job Seeker goes after at least one position (according to the qualification standards) recorded in

the separate work reasonably, section pass for the setting access is naturally produced by the


Choice to see/download/print the "Occupation Fair section pass" will be made accessible in the "Download"

dash of the gateway under the individual work reasonable with choice named as "Download passage pass".

10. Dashlet permits you, as a jobseeker to see, download and print all the temporary

affirmation letter and individual work reasonable section pass from the entry

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