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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Research and their headquarters.

 Research and their headquarters.

Indian Forest Research Institute → Dehradun

● Indian Wildlife Research Institute → Dehradun

● Central Bird Research Institute → Ijatnagar

National Environmental Research Institute → Nagpur

National Camel Research Institute → Bikaner

National Institute of Geophysics Research → Hyderabad

 National Institute of Environmental Engineering Research → Nagpur

● Indian Council of Agricultural Research → New Delhi

● Indian Institute of Soil Science → Prayagraj

Central Soil and Salinity Research Institute → Karnal

 Indian Horticultural Research Institute → Bangalore

 Forest Survey of India → Dehradun

National Museum of Natural History ई Delhi

Salim Ali Ornithology and Natural History → Center Coimbatore

Botanical Survey of India → Kolkata

 Animal Survey of India Kolkata

National Forestry Research Institute → Jhansi

Central Desert Research Institute → Jodhpur

Indian Meteorological Institute → New Delhi

● Indian Meteorological Observatory → Poona

 Institute of Bacterial Technology Chandigarh

National Institute of Botany खन Lucknow

● Central Mining Research Center → Dhanbad (Jharkhand)

 Indian Institute of Chemical Biology → Kolkata

Central Fuel Research Institute → Jadugoda (Jharkhand)

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