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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

I Khedut Sahay Yojna For Pashupalan I

 I Khedut Sahay Yojna For Pashupalan I 

I Khedut Yojana 2021 : Khedut Mitro Government Ni Sabsidi Patra Yojna Mother Online Improvement Bharva Mate Khedut Nondhni Patrak No. Dwara Arji Kari Sako Cho Ane Je Khedut Mitro Pase Khedut Nondhani Patra Nathi Teo Seeing strength Mujab Na Aadhar Purava Sathe Arji Kari Aapna Taluka Panchayat Kacheri Ae Karel Arji Ni Print Mother Sahi Kari Aapva Ni Rahese. 

I Khedut Sahay Yojna For Pashupalan I 

I khedut is an online interface begun by Agribusiness and Co-Improvement Division. I khedut is electronic gift measure by Relationship of Gujarat. The Ranchers who are fascinated can clearly single out the way for get advantages of Gujarat Government gift at 

Piece of I Khedut Yojana 2021 

Following are the Parts or Piece of I khedut yojna.1. Underground Line-PVC 

2.M B. Plau (mechanical reversible 

3.Mb Plau 

4.Mb Plau (Water driven trade) 

5.Outomatic Seed Low Waste Drill 

6. Robotized Seed Low Fecal matter Organizer 

7. Robotized Seed Drill 

8. Celtivator 

9. Cleaner cum Grader 

10. Open Pipeline 

11.Groundnut Digger 

12. Charge shaper (motor/oil engine worked) 

13.Captor Shaper (Home vehicles/Force Teeler Worked) 

14. Chasele Plau 

15. Real Greenish blue Seed Low Excrement Drill 

16. Zero Greenish blue Seed Low Fertilizer Facilitator 

17. Real Greenish blue Seed Drill 


19.Discover Plau 

20.Discover Stayed aware of individuals 

21. Given up 

22. Pedi Trans-Planet (Self-moved) 

23. Siphon Setts 

24.Processing Unit 


26.Pack Guard Stuff Force worked 

27. Force Tealer 

28. Force Thraser 

29. Force Weeder (self-moved) 

30. Potato Diger 

31. Potato Maker 

32.Post Piece Digger 

33. Backwoods Telecasters 


35. Bund Past 

36. Brus Shaper 

37. Edge Harrow 

38.Beller (farm truck controlled 

39. Multi Yield Maker 

40. Versatile Shader 

41.Redged Bed Maker 

42.Raze and Bring Maker back 


44.Reper (farm truck front mounted) 

45.Ripper (self moved) 

46. Finder cum cover 

47. Stoneware Imperfection 

48. Harry Potter Circle 

49. Turning Force Tealer (Self Pushed) 

50. Rotor Force Harrow 

51. Rawatwater level 

53. Laser Land Level 

54. Vinoving Fan 


56.Stable Saver 

57. Subsecular 

58. Slashar 

59. Hand Instruments Unit 

60.Hero (Rap) 

I Khedut Yojana 20120 

Headings to apply for I Khedut Yojana 2021 ??? 

Get together of Gujrat has presented I-Khedut Yojna for view to assisting ranchers of gujarat with better making improvement. As an issue of first importance meet the PC top of the town panchayat of your town to apply online application. Following are Need Record for I Khedut yojna. 

8/another superb 

Bank pass book xerox or drop check xerox 

Aadhar card xerox 

Standing Check xerox for a Masterminded Station rancher as demonstrated by a specific perspective 

Join these all records and do signature on it and offer it to the Gram Sevak. 

At the right corner of the application you will see the Name of the rancher where make the name out of the contender. at the under the part record your versatile number. The ranchers ought to need to present all the interest needed for decision in the framework, it is required. Expecting the ranchers didn't present the central endorsement, your application will be cleared and decision must dropped hence. In the wake of applying application for the I Khedut yojna, will truly have to get it from an ensured partnership merchant as shown by a particular viewpoint. The Gram Sevak ought to be kept application with till date 7 after the online application made. The ranchers who have helped undertaking of the stuff, will ought not have any effect for the I Khedut yojna. In any case the ranchers ought to be apply in I khedut yojna to the PC. The ranchers who need to take that instrument they ought to applying for the I khedut yojna. The Ranchers who need more data concerning the I khedut plot, take visit taluka panchayat khetiwadi branch or Gram Sevak. 

Here we will assess about an I khedut online announcement structure and kisan call focus correlative number. the procedure I khedut gives the extent of the data identified with making by displayed at the fingerprints. 

I Khedut Yojana 2020 Application Diagram Date 

  Official website link

Online Application :- Some Astounding government help plans for the ranchers executed by different work environments like co-usable social orders, country sheets, affiliations, government foundations, and so on The degree of the plans advantage advantages to the ranchers as focal way. I khedut awards get the normal increases of the technique to the ranchers. The ranchers who are applying for the I khedut plan can take print and check status of the application. 

Encounters concerning an agribusiness :- The ranchers can get to the data as for the transporters of pesticides, manures, seeds, and so forth The Thing and supplies data can be update by a merchants. Through the I khedut electronic interface, the ranchers can check straightforwardness of things and cost, and so on By I khedut online interface, You can will bits of information concerning different credits given to ranchers by various banks. At the I khedut online interface, outline of the money suppliers and their addresses can be gotten to.. 

I Khedut Yojana 2021 Required Records : 

Khedut Nondhni Patra No. 

7-12, 8-A Khata No. 

Bank Seving Record No. 

Check No. 

Aadhar Card No. 

Degree Card No. 

Adaptable No. 

I Khedut Yojana 2020 Application Trick : 

Work vehicle 50 PTO for all ranchers. H.P. Up to 5% of the expense or Rs. Whichever is less in the central of 2000/ - , 2. Work vehicle 50 PTO for all ranchers. H.P. More than and 30 PTOs. H.P. Up to 5% of the expense or Rs. Whichever is less in the constraint of Rs 

For general ranchers half of the retail cost of covering or Rs.150/ - whichever is less. Most senseless two nos. Per account 


For little/unimportant/ladies ranchers: a focal piece of the firm cost or Rs. 10,000 is whichever is less. For different ranchers: a major piece of the by a goliath edge cost or Rs. 2000 is whichever is less.

Gather Accumulating Development (Godown) 

a big part of the supreme cost or Rs. (30,000) whichever is less (in two segments: first piece: plinth level realization of Rs. 15000/ - and second and last piece: complete realization of yield accumulating structure Rs. Living help) 

Under Convenience on Green Mechanization: - Arranged Positions, Booked Factions, Minimal Negligible, a big part of the utilization for women farmers or whichever isn't actually the requirement of Rs. Whichever is under two 

Vavaniya/modified drill (various sorts) 

Application for help of Modified Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill, Zero Till Seed cum Compost Drill, Customized Seed Drill Zero Seed Drill equipment can be made under this part. Under Convenience on Plant Mechanization: - Booked Positions, Arranged Factions, Little - Fringe, a big part of the utilization for women farmers or whichever isn't actually the requirement of Rs. - whichever is under two 

Sun based light catch 

a big part of the expense for all farmers or Rs. 5000/ - per hectare for under two for each record up to a furthest reaches of 3 for every beneficiary farmer

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