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Monday, July 12, 2021

When was the first Ahmedabad Rathyatra held? Learn interesting history

 When was the first Ahmedabad Rathyatra held? Learn interesting history

Lord Jagannathji has set out on a city tour but with limited devotees. Then find out what is the history of Rathyatra.

When was it first held in Ahmedabad?

Started July 2, 1878

Who founded the Jagannath Temple?

The world-famous Rathyatra has been held today with the guideline of Korona. Today's rath yatra is special because Lord Jagannathji has embarked on a city yatra but with a limited number of devotees. Then find out what is the history of Rathyatra.

How the pilgrimage began

When was the first Ahmedabad Rathyatra held
 When was the first Ahmedabad Rathyatra held?

The procession of Lord Jagannathji has started in Hair. Then we will tell you how this rath yatra started. What was the inspiration that started the Rathyatra and this tradition has survived for years today.

Today is the 144th Rathyatra

The 144th Rathyatra has started in Ahmedabad this year. At that time joy and enthusiasm are also seen among the devotees. The history of Lord Jagannathji's rath yatra has also been glorious. About four and a half hundred years ago, Ramamandi Saint Hanuman Dasji established a throne in the Jagannathji temple in Jamalpur. Then Gadipati Sarangdasji Maharaj had a vision of God in a dream after which the rath yatra started in Ahmedabad.

Started July 2, 1878

Thus, on July 2, 1878, the first rath yatra started in Ahmedabad. Mahant Narasimhadasji Maharaj started the rath yatra in Ahmedabad. Thus, even today after years, the rath yatra starts in a grand manner and God Himself goes out in the township and gives darshan to the townspeople.

Who started the Rathyatra?

144 years ago, Mahant Narasimhadasji of Jagannath temple first built the temple in AD. The Rathyatra was started on the day of Ashadhi Bij of 1878. The small-scale rath yatra has grown to such an extent that it has become the second-largest rath yatra in the country.

Who founded the Jagannath Temple?

The history of this temple is 450 years old. If we talk about this history, this temple was established by Sarangjidas. The Jagannath temple was earlier the temple of Hanumanji. There is an order behind the construction of this temple. Sarangjidasji was ordered to install a statue of Jagannathji in a dream. So they brought idols made of neem wood from Puri and these idols were revered with full ceremony. The first rath yatra was held on the day of Ashadhibij i.e. July 1, 1978.

How did Saraspur become God's Mosal?

The Lord was taken in a bullock cart in a very small scale rath yatra 144 years ago. In which the monks took part. At that time, the kitchen of the saints was kept in the temple of Ranchodji in Saraspur. From that time onwards, Saraspur became the masala of Lord Jagannath. Now the residents of all the polos of Saraspur greet the devotees who have joined the rath yatra with love.

Find out which route the rath yatra will pass at which time?

ગુજરાતી મા વાંચવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો

Rathyatra departure from Gannath temple at 7 AM

Municipal Corporation 7:35 AM

Raipur Chakla 7:50 AM

Khadia Char Rasta 8 AM

Kalupur Circle 8:20 AM

Saraspur 8:40 AM

Rathyatra break from 8:40 AM to 8:50 AM

Departure from Saraspur at 8:50 AM

Kalupur Circle 9:15 AM

Love Doors 9:30 AM

Delhi Chakla 9:50 AM

Shahpur Darwaza 10:10 AM

RC High School 10:35 AM

Brass Bamba 10:55 A

Pangkor Naka 11:10 AM

Manek Chowk 11:30 AM

Return to Jagannath Temple 12 PM

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