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Monday, July 12, 2021

Traffic Fines in Gujarat

 Traffic Fines in Gujarat 

About Gujarat Traffic Fines 

According to information accessible in the Times of India, around 7,996 deadly mishaps happened in 2018 alone, which killed around 1462 men and 234 ladies in the province of Gujarat. 

Strangely, half of them perished were in the age scope of 18 and 35 years, and the resultant reason for mishaps was ascribed to rash driving and inability to consent to wellbeing guidelines. (1) 

All in all, how did the public authority deal with tackle the circumstance? 

To debilitate such lack of interest among inhabitants, the focal government altered the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 to uncover a climb in the rush hour gridlock fines, required as a result of petty criminal offenses like careless driving and helpless street sense. 

Nonetheless, such outrageous punishment charges can prompt seriously troubled among people in general, as it forces inappropriate monetary strain. Remembering the government assistance of standard individuals, the state government headed by Vijay Rupani declared a decrease in Gujarat traffic fines of up to 90% of new rates, as forced by the Motor Vehicles Act. 

These decreases range from anyplace between 25-90% individually, contingent on the seriousness of the petty criminal offenses, as referenced underneath: 

Gujarat Traffic Police Challan List 


Decreased Fines by Gujarat Govt. 

Traffic Fines (as Implemented on first Sept-19) 

Riding Two-wheeler without a cap 



Driving a four-wheeler without a safety belt 



Over-stacking Two wheeler 



Chatting on the telephone while driving a vehicle 

₹500 (first-time guilty parties) and ₹1000 (ensuing wrongdoers) 

₹500 (first-time guilty parties) and ₹1000 (ensuing wrongdoers) 

Driving on some unacceptable side 

₹1500 (three-wheelers) | ₹3000 (light engine vehicles) | ₹5000 (hefty vehicles) *All rates apply for first-time guilty parties 

₹5000 for first-time guilty parties and ₹10,000 for a rehashed offense 

Not having a proper driving permit 

₹2000 (bike vehicles) | ₹3000 (for three/four wheelers) 


Driving unregistered vehicles 

₹1000 (bicycle/scooty) | ₹2000 (three-wheelers) | ₹3000 (four-wheelers) | ₹5000 (greater vehicles like transport, truck, and so on) 


Discouraging crisis vehicles like rescue vehicle 



Penetrate in specified contamination standards 

₹1,000 (light weight bikes) | ₹3,000 (different vehicles) 


The updated traffic challan rates in Gujarat have been essentially from sixteenth September 2019. In any case, a few fines stayed fixed according to the changed rates distributed by the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, as it is demanded in unfriendly circumstances, undermining the security of the individual vehicle and walkers on roads. 

Traffic Fines in Gujarat that stays Unchanged 


Traffic Penalties according to Amended MV Act. 

Intoxicated driving 

₹10,000 as well as a half year jail | ₹15,000 or potentially 2 years prison for redundant infringement. 

An enlisted vehicle being driven by a minor 

● ₹25000 alongside jail sentence for a very long time ● Deregistration of such vehicle for 1 year ● Such minor is considered ineligible for the securing of a driving permit before he/she achieves the age of 25 

Dismissing traffic signals 

₹1,000-₹5,000 and additionally a half year to 1 year in jail, permit seizure 

For what reason Did the Gujarat Government Reduce the Traffic Fines? 

As expressed by the main clergyman of the express, the essential point behind hoisting its traffic fines is to lessen traffic-related mishaps comparing with unmindful driving and street sense. 

To facilitate the government assistance level of inhabitants of the state, punishment runs after have been brought considerably, yet expanded at a predefined rate to adjust to the refreshed principles distributed by the focal government. 

Did the recently changed Motor vehicles Act help? 

According to information delivered by the Parliament of India, the quantity of side of the road mishaps in specific states in the nation fell by roughly 9% when contrasted and comparable information delivered in 2018. Gujarat, specifically, saw an extraordinary fall of about 22% in general street mishaps announced. 

An overview was directed in the provinces of Gujarat, Chandigarh, Puducherry, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Kerala. Between first September and 31st October 2019, around 3375 side of the road fatalities were accounted for, which displays a significant decrease from 3,729 passings announced last year during a similar period. 

As a Citizen, What Can You Do? 

To keep away from installment of such strong Gujarat traffic police fines, ensure you follow all traffic-related standards, particularly in regards as far as possible and explicit street guidelines. Additionally, guarantee that you have put on your safety belt or head protector while driving, and kept all vehicle enrollment reports alongside driver's permit. 

Follow these means cautiously for a protected excursion! 

Disclaimer: The data referenced here is gathered from various online sites, news sites and government sources. They may change according to time. If it's not too much trouble, check the authority government sites and confirm the data prior to settling on any choice. 

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