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Sunday, June 16, 2024

You can delete call details of any number quite easily and absolutely free, learn how

 With the advent of mobile, people are using it to their advantage. When our wife or girlfriend's phone, or husband's or boyfriend's phone is busy for many hours, somewhere or other, many questions start to arise in everyone's mind, who is she talking to for so long. And gradually no one realizes that this question turns into doubt.

If something similar is happening to you, today we have come up with a solution to this problem for you. Today we have come up with a software for you through which you can extract call details of any number. Let us tell you about that software.

If you also want to extract call details of your girlfriend / boyfriend or a friend and family based on suspicion, you have to download an app on Google Play Store. You can then know the call and SMS history of that number in minutes. In this detail you can know the call number, date, name, location and how long you talked on that number. You can get information up to 7-30 days.

You will find all this information on the ID from which you log in to that app. You can also get it in PDF format. The name of this app is mubble app which you can download from any Android phone. This app is absolutely free. With this app you can delete details of Idea, JIO, BSNL, Aircel, Reliance, Docomo and Airtel numbers.

This app is an app that can give you anyone's call details very easily and this app gives you all the information absolutely free. For information, this app only provides information on both Indian landline and mobile phones. When this is used for any phone, this app also gives complete information of all incoming and outgoing calls of that phone. Not only this, with the help of this one can go to the search box and enter any number and get the information related to it.

✋ટચ-ટચ આંગળીના ટચાકડા ફોડવાની ટેવ હોય તો છોડી દેજો, નહીંતર 3 સમસ્યા થઈ શકે જાણો

શું તમે તમારા બાળકના ભવિષ્ય માટે F.D. કરો છો?

તો થોભી જાવ 

અહી અમે આપના માટે એક સરસ માહિતી લઈને આવ્યા છીએ જે તમને ખુબ ઉપયોગી થશે. તમે એવું રોકાણ કરો કે તમારા બાળકની યોગ્ય ઉમરે તમામ રૂપિયા સારા રીટર્ન સાથે તમને પાછા મળે. આ સાવ

સાદી સમાજ માટે આ વિડીયો જરૂર જોવો 

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