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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Coronavirus Vaccines In India

  The good news among Corona Kahir, the country may soon have five new vaccines

Coronavirus Vaccines In India: Two coronavirus vaccines - Covaxin and Covishield - are currently approved for emergency use in India. By October 5 more vaccines could arrive in the country.

Coronavirus Vaccines In India
Coronavirus Vaccines In India

Amid reports of a shortage of the Covid-19 vaccine, the central government has taken steps to increase vaccine production. News agency ANI quoted sources as saying that 5 more corona vaccines will be available in the country by October. At present, only Covishield and Covacin are being produced in India. The Sputnik V vaccine, developed in Russia, could be approved next June.

Which five vaccines are coming?

Five other vaccines will be available in India by the third quarter of 2021, ANI quoted sources as saying. These five vaccines are as follows.

Sputnik V vaccine

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Novavax vaccine

Zydus cadilla vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccines In India

Coronavirus Vaccines In India

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When will the vaccine arrive?

Citing government sources, the NIA said Sputnik V could be available in India by June. If all goes well, Johnson & Johnson's vaccine will arrive by August. The Zydus Cadillac vaccine is also expected to arrive in August. Novavax may be available in India till September and October.

Sputnik V will get the first approval

The vaccine Sputnik V, developed in Russia, may be approved for emergency use within the next 10 days. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has entered into agreements with several Indian farm companies to develop vaccines. In India, 850 million doses of this vaccine can be produced every year.

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