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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

very Useful video for All Employees Going to the Next Election

 very Useful video for All Employees Going to the Next Election 

Significant insurances when fixing with strip seal: 

1. When fixing the strip, make certain to have an elastic cap covering the "nearby". 

The catch is obviously left and there is no trouble in eliminating the elastic 

Cover and deal with that 'nearby' button. 

2. The strip seal will be tight and not free. 

D. Harmed stripes are not utilized in any carnivals. 

Each. Each surveying station will be given three ()) strip seals. 

5. Records for each strip seal gave to the surveying station to 

Surveying conduct in the journal of directing officials. 

6. Return each strip seal that has not been utilized (counting the strips) 

(Or on the other hand bits of it) coincidentally harmed) 

Video અહિંથી જુઓ 

A Useful App to Calculate the Percentage of Statistics Every 2 Hours in the Election 

Click  here for Download App presiding Officer

7. The strip seal is constantly kept in safe authority

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