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Friday, January 29, 2021

Saksham National Competition 2021

  Saksham National Competition 2021

Subject: Matter of organizing drawing, essay writing, quiz competition under "Saksham" National Competition 2020-21.  Reference: Hon'ble Secretary, SPO, Samagra Shiksha, Gandhinagar Circular No: SSA / QEM1 / 2031 / 5–202 / Dt. 3.1.2021. Subject to the above subject and reference, to state that every year school children  Drawing, Essay Writing, Quiz Competition is organized under "Saksham" National Competition to create awareness on the importance of fuel conservation and environmental protection.  

Reducing oil imports, renewing the importance of energy conservation, and raising awareness about the use of energy sources is an initiative for students studying in Std. 7th to 10th in this context.  Launched in online mode through a mobile app, the last date of which is 10.02.2021.  

Saksham National Competition 2021
 Saksham National Competition 2021

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Students will be able to participate as well as upload the best 5 works selected by the schools at the school level on the online website.  Students studying in standard 7,8,9 & 10 will be able to participate in the quiz competition, the result of which will be announced online.  Attached are the necessary instructions and reference guides for this competition.  

You are asked to give the necessary instructions from your level to reach all the schools in your taluka and for the maximum number of students to participate in this competition.

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