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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika book pdf 2020

 Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika book pdf 2020 

Different arrangements/guidelines have been given every once in a while with respect to disciplinary move to be made in regard to representatives whose arrangements of Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 121 are appropriate. So as to clarify the methodology of departmental examination in basic language, a booklet named "Rules for Departmental Investigation" was distributed by the Investigation Unit in the year 18. 

Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika book pdf 2020
Khatakiy Tapas Margadarshika book pdf 2020 

After the distribution of this booklet, some new arrangements have been presented in the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 121 by changing it every once in a while, and furthermore goals/fliers have been given for additional explanation of the principles. 

A portion of the goals/brochures referenced in the rules of the year 19 has been dropped just as the Gujarat Civil Service Rules, 2006 have been distributed by revising the Mumbai Civil Service Rules in the year 2006. In this manner, keeping in see the motivation behind utilizing the arrangements of these standards during the time spent departmental examination. 

There was a need to refresh the rules for departmental examinations. 

Officials/representatives engaged with departmental examination This booklet has been refreshed keeping in see the motivation behind staying informed concerning the corrections made in the standards just as the warning of distributed goals/fliers. 

I am enchanted to refresh this rule on departmental insightful techniques. This booklet has not been set up instead of the current legal standards or directions/choices, however has been refreshed with the expectation of giving basic language direction to the workers associated with the departmental request procedures on the arrangements of the principles. 

The safeguard official and the staff/officials following up for their sake won't have the option to refer to this booklet as a premise during the departmental examination. 

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The Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 181 and the goals/booklets/guidelines gave every now and then in such manner ought to be considered as the premise. In any event, when the topic of translation of the standard emerges, just the expressions of the first principle/arrangement ought to be contemplated 

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