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Friday, October 30, 2020

What are the features of Health Forest, Ekta Mall, and Children Nutrition Park inaugurated by PM Modi?

  What are the features of Health Forest, Ekta Mall, and Children Nutrition Park inaugurated by PM Modi?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Health One, The Children's Nutrition Park, and Ekta Mall are "single point destinations" for learning the diverse heritage of India's oldest medical practices, nutrition, and handicrafts.

Dedication of Arogyavan, Ektamol, and Children Nutrition Park

 Yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation are of special importance in the health forest spread over 12 acres: 5 lakh different trees of 20 species were planted

 The world's first technology operated Children's Themes Base Nutrition Park spread over an area of ​​4000 sq.m.

 Increase the attraction of the Statue of Unity: Tourists will enjoy delightful treats

 Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi today inaugurated Arogyavan, Ektamol, and Children Nutrition Park in the first phase on the occasion of unveiling 12 different projects for integrated development of Statue of Unity-Kevadia and laying the foundation stone of 6 new projects.

 Governor Acharya Devvartaji and Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani were also present on the occasion. The Prime Minister inaugurated these tourism attraction projects on the eve of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's 19th birth anniversary. All these projects have added to the charm of the Statue of Unity. Which will prove to be a delightful treat to attract and enjoy the tourists.

On the occasion of the inauguration at Kevadia, Chief Secretary of the State Dr. Anil Mukim and Front Secretary of the Forest Department Dr. Rajiv Gupta gave detailed information about the project to the Prime Minister. 

With all these projects being completed in record time, Kevadia has emerged as a world-class tourist destination. Where there will be interesting attractions for members of every age group of the family. Inaugurating Health One, Prime Minister Modi tweeted that "The Children's Nutrition Park" at Kevadia is a creative place to spread awareness about the many dimensions that touch nutrition. Here is an important attraction: 

a train ride, which will take you to different places and show you various attractions. Inaugurating "Health Forest", Prime Minister Modi tweeted, "This forest is a symbol of India's medicinal splendor. It is a beautiful place to learn about India's ancient Ayurvedic health system and excellent health with various plants. "

Ekta Mall: 

Prime Minister Modi was thrilled at the inauguration, literally describing the place, saying that Ekta Mall is a confluence of India's diverse handicraft heritage in one place. Here, Prime Minister Modi enjoyed a sample of the handicrafts represented by the states of Jammu and Kashmir, East India. Highlights of the first phase projects inaugurated and inaugurated by the Prime Minister.

Health Forest:

 Considering the health and well-being of the human community, this health forest with different Vedic trees is spread over 12 acres. Yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation are given special importance in the healthy forest. Five lakh different species of trees have been planted.

 The forest includes Lotus Lake, Garden of Colors, Alba Garden, Lucia Garden, Aroma Garden, Yoga and Meditation Center, Indoor Plant Section, Digital Information Center, Souvenir Shop, Cafeteria, etc.

 Tourists benefit from a variety of natural therapies by Kerala's editor and specialist staff at the Health Wellness Center here. In the health forest, tourists experience physical well-being as well as nature.

Ekta Mall: 

A huge Ekta Mall spread over two floors and 35,000 sq. Ft. Has been constructed so that tourists from home and abroad can experience a special kind of shopping experience while visiting Kevadia. 

There are about 20 traditional handloom and handicraft emporia from different states of the country. At Ekta Mall, tourists enjoy shopping from all over the country from one place. It includes Garvi Gurjari, Purab, Kairali, Murganaini, Pumpuhar, Gangotri, Kaveri, Khadi India, Kashmir, and CCI Emporium.

Children's Nutrition Park:

 It is the world's first state-of-the-art children's nutrition park. This theme base park is 35000 sq.m. Scattered throughout the area. The park has been specially designed using the latest technology for the purpose of entertaining children with knowledge. 

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In which children travel 200 meters by mini train. During the tour, there are stations like Fruit and Vegetable House, Payonagari, Annapurna, Poshanpuram, Swasth Bharatam, and Nutri Hunt. Attempts have been made in these places to entertain the children with information using 4 different technologies and to create the character of "Sahi Poshan-Desh Roshan".

In addition, there are mirror mazes, 5-D theaters, and labyrinths to entertain all tourists, young and old.

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