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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Full-Form Of Most Important Computer Gk

Full-Form Of  Most Important Computer Gk 

Computer G.K

 What does  PDF  mean?
 Ans: -  Portable Document Format. 

What does H T M L mean?
Ans: - Hyper Text Mark up Language.

  What does  N E F T  mean?
Ans: -  National Electronic Fund Transfer. 

   What does  M I C R  mean?
 Ans: -  Magnetic Inc Character Recognition. 

 What do  I F S C * mean?
 Ans: - Indian Financial System Code. 

   What do  I S P  mean?
 Ans: -  Internet Service Provider. 

   What does  E C S mean?
 Ans: -  Electronic Clearing System. 

   What does  C S T  mean?
 Ans: -  Central Sales Tax. 

  What does  CRR  mean?
 Answer: -  Cash Reserve Ratio. 

   What does  U D P  mean?
 Answer: -  User Datagram Protocol. 

   What does  R T C  mean?
 Answer: -  Real-Time Clock. 

  What do  I P  mean?
 Answer: -  Internet Protocol. 
Full-Form Of  Most Important Computer Gk

What does  C A G  mean?
 Ans: -  Comptroller and Auditor General. 

  What does  F E R A  mean?
 Ans: -  Foreign Exchange Regulation Act. 

  What do I S R O  mean?
 Ans: -  International Space Research Organization. 

  What does  I S D N  mean?
 Ans: -  Integrated Services Digital Network. 

 What does  SAARC  mean?
 Answer: -  South Asian Association for Regional co-operation. 

   What does  O M R mean?
 Ans: -  Optical Mark Recognition. 

   What does  AH R L  mean?
 Answer: -  Asian Human Rights Commission. 

  What does  J P E G  mean?
 Ans: -  Joint photo expert group. 

  What does U R. L.  mean?
 Ans: -  Uniform Resource Locator. 

  What do  I R D P  mean?
 Ans: -  Integrated Rural Development program. 

  What does S. L. V.  mean?
 Ans: -  Augmented satellite launch vehicle. 

 What does C. U.  mean?
 Ans: -  Intensive Care Unit. 

 What does T. M. mean?
 Ans: - Automated Teller Machine. 

  What does T. S.  mean?
 Ans: -  Check Transaction System. 

What does T. R  mean?
 Ans: -  Cash Transaction Receipt. 

 What does  N E F T  mean?
 Ans: - National Electronic Funds Transfer. 

  What does  GDP mean?
 Ans: -  Gross Domestic Product. 

 Do you like  FDI ?
 Ans: -  Foreign Direct Investment. 

 What does  E P F O  mean?
 Ans: - Employees Provident

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