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Friday, May 22, 2020

5 most terrible storms in the world, there was heavy destruction

5 most terrible storms in the world, there was heavy destruction ⤵️ *

 Whenever a storm comes it always brings heavy destruction.  It destroys the houses of thousands and takes the lives of millions of people.  Today we are going to tell you about such dangerous storms.  People are still thrilled to see their devastation, in which millions of lives were lost and areas were deserted.

 * ✍️1.  Bhola Cyclone (1970) *
 The hurricane that hit Bangladesh in 1970 was not like the world's worst hurricanes in its speed and intensity, but no one in the coastal areas there knew that such a hurricane was coming.  The storm came at a speed of about 185 kilometers per hour and as soon as it hit the ground, it started wreaking havoc.  Ten districts were affected and more than five lakh people were killed.

 * ✍️2.  Typhoon Sally (1964) *
 Hurricane Sally rose near Ponnape on September 3, 1964 and headed west.  After four days its speed reached 314 km per hour.  It reached the Philippines on September 9, then reached China on September 10 at a speed of 185 km per hour.  Hurricane Sally was like Typhoon Tip, which struck Japan on October 12, 1979, with a speed of 305 kilometers per hour.  Indeed, Hurricane Sally rose at low speed at first, but later with speed she increased her speed.  His horror had increased as the speed increased.

 * ✍️3.  Typhoon Ida 1958 *
 Ida hit the coast of Japan in September 1958 at a speed of 185 kilometers per hour.  Later its speed reached 325 kilometers per hour.  It was such a terrible storm that it knocked down many big buildings.  A total of 1,269 people died in Japan due to Ida.  The people of Japan were shaken by so many deaths.  It caused a loss of पांच 50 million in assets.

 * ✍️4.  Typhoon Kit 1966 *
 The Typhoon Kit lifted at a speed of 314 kilometers per hour in 1966, but did not accidentally hit the ground.  So there was no loss of life or property from the typhoon kit.

 * ✍️5.  Typhoon Haiyan 2013 *
 Haiyan is considered to be the strongest tropical storm ever.  In the Philippines it is known as Yolanda.  Its speed was 314 kilometers per hour.  These three were made on November 11, 2013 and finished on November 11.  The typhoon affected the Philippines, Vietnam and much of southern China.  It killed 11,801 people and caused a total loss of US 68 686 million.

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