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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Who has seen your Whatsapp Dp, check with this trick

 Tech Tips: Who has seen your Whatsapp Dp, check with this trick

Tech Tips: Whatsapp Tech Tips: Nowadays everyone is using smartphones and almost all of them are using social media applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram. In which people keep their favorite photo i.e. DP. But many people are secretly watching and downloading this DP of yours. Then some Tech Tips you can know who is secretly watching your Whatsapp Dp.

Tech Tips

Nowadays everyone has Whatsapp using. If you are also using Whasapp then we are going to tell you the necessary information that everyone wants to know. If profile picture or DP is placed on your Whatsapp. Going to teach a simple trick if you want to know who is watching your DP.

The application has to be downloaded

If you also want to know from these Tech Tips, then to know who is viewing your Whatsapp profile photo, first of all you have to download Whatsapp- Who Viewed me or Whats Tracker app on your Android phone from Google Play Store.

To download this app you have to download 1 mobile market app along with it. WhatsApp-i view me app will not download without it. Actually 1 Mobile Market app will download automatically. After installing Whatsapp-Who Viewed Me in the phone, you have to wait for a few seconds. Soon a list of who is viewing your profile will be released.

Contact category

In this list you will see only those people who have viewed your DP in the last 24 hours. The application will display the contact category in front of you. You can check who is secretly looking for your DP by viewing that contact.

Note however the most important caveat is that no third party application is suitable for security. Because your personal details are running on it. There is no real information about how secure this app is. You may download this application at your own risk.

Important link

Click here to download Whatsapp- Who Viewed me

Click here to download Whats Tracker

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