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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

How to Use Sensor Test APK

 Sensor Test APK

You can test sensors in your cell phone.

Upheld sensors:

- Accelerometer

- Light sensor

- Nearness sensor

- Magnetometer

- Spinner

- Gauge (pressure sensor)

- Compass

Assuming sensor enlisted in framework, it will be have green marker, if not it will be red.

In the event that sensor don't report any information, it will accompany name "no information" on sensor test screen. Than most circumstances it implies that gadgets doesn't have it sort of sensor, for other case it not working.

On the off chance that everything sensors don't report any information, it normally mean issue with correspondence sensors through sensor administration. Generally speaking it occur after firmware update. Sensors doesn't work in all applications.

Showed absolute accessible sensors count. At the point when press to it opened rundown of the sensors. You can test every one of them with diagram view.

Additionally helpful for engineers, who fabricate custom pieces.




- measures speed increase along three tomahawks x, y, z; units estimation: m/s^2

When arranged along the hub, the ordinary worth is equivalent to the gravitational speed increase (g = ~ 9.8 m/s^2).

With the level place of the gadget, the qualities along the tomahawks: z = ~ 9.8 m/s^2, x = 0, y = 0).


Used to naturally change the direction of the screen when you pivot the gadget, in games, and so on

Depiction of test:

Test football. Whenever the gadget is shifted, the ball should move toward tendency. Attempt to score the ball into the objective.

How to Use Sensor Test APK

Download Sensor Test APK

Light sensor

- measures brightening; units estimations: lux.


Used to consequently change the splendor (auto brilliance)

The portrayal of test:

Test with light. While expanding the enlightenment, the sparkle around the light changes from white to dazzling yellow.

Move gadget to the light or, running against the norm, go into a dull room.

Inexact normal qualities: room - 150 lux, office - 300 lux, radiant day - 10,000 lux or more.


Vicinity sensor

- measures the distance between the gadget and the item; units estimation: cm.

On numerous gadgets, accessible just two qualities are accessible: "far" and "close".


Used to switch off the screen when you call by telephone.

Depiction of test:

Test with light. Close the sensor manually, the light goes out, open - light up.



- measures the attractive field readings in three tomahawks. The subsequent worth is determined in view of them; units measure: mT


For programs like compass.

Portrayal of test:

Scale with level, which showing the current worth. Move gadget near a metal article, the worth should increment.



- measures the speed of pivot of the gadget around the three tomahawks x, y, z; units estimation: rad/s


Utilized in different sight and sound projects. For instance, in a camera application to make displays.

Depiction of test:

Shows a diagram of the speed of pivot along the x, y, z tomahawks. When fixed, values keep an eye on 0.


Gauge (pressure sensor)

- measures climatic tension; units estimating: mbar or mm Hg. (switch in settings)

Portrayal of test:

Scale with level, which showing the current worth of tension.

Typical climatic strain:

100 kPa = 1000 mbar = ~ 750 mm Hg.

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