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Monday, March 7, 2022

How To Check Your Phone Is Old Or New

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 It is vital to let Jai Bharat know that the region has not been moved throughout the previous quite a long while and that the instructor companions are a long way from home. They must get equity. As well as expressing that the 40% rule is truly out of line to instructors. 100% of the seats in the taluka migration camp are moved, so for what reason is the region moved to just 40% of the seats? Don't. On the off chance that 100 percent region is reshuffled for this present year, the educator companions will get equity and the companions who have been hanging tight for their country for quite a long time will actually want to return to the places where they grew up and the rank rundown has additionally become extremely lengthy. 

Then again, the public authority is selecting new opportunities to fill the opening. This is a significant inquiry to be tended to on a quick premise. Simultaneously, to say that in any remaining divisions, 100% of the seats are changed to region fairs, why is there shamefulness being done to our essential instructor companions? I trust that the President and the President of the Union will truly consider this matter and settle on a quick choice on the issue of leading 100 percent region movement camps this year and furthermore later on.

    From all instructor kinship

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A simple stunt to check how old your telephone is

Per Shri President/Chairman Shri

Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union and Primary Education Association Gujarat.

Matter of filling 100 percent opportunities in the subject region move camp


To illuminate the President and General Secretary regarding all the Taluka Sanghs that the District Primary Education Officer has trained to set up the proposition of more significant compensation scale at the taluka level for every one of the instructors who are yet to get more significant compensation scale after 2010. I have examined this matter with the District Primary Education Officer and according to our accommodation they have said that we should organize with the Taluka Primary Education Officer as quickly as time permits. This technique can be finished and this long interest of instructors can be fulfilled Jai Shikshak

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