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Friday, April 15, 2022

NMMS exam date 2022

 NMMS exam date 2022

Video remotely coordinating: 'tele' signifies far off and 'meeting' signifies discussion. Accordingly, video chat is the demonstration of speaking with a far-off individual. Remotely coordinating should be possible in two ways. (1) Video conferencing (2) Audioconferencing is a method that permits individuals in various pieces of the nation and all over the planet to pay attention to and like one another, for example, video conferencing can be utilized to trade different things. For example, Web pages, libraries, book references, archives, programming can be traded.

NMMS વિદ્યાર્થીઓએ માટે

📲દિક્ષા પોર્ટલ પર MAT કોર્સ માં વિદ્યાર્થીઓને જોડવા બાબત નો પરિપત્ર

🎥વિદ્યાર્થીઓએ કોર્સમાં કઈ રીતે જોડાવું? જુઓ વિડિયો

4  કોર્સમાં જોડાવાની લીંક⤵️



સંધાન-MAT: માનસિક અભિયોગ્યતા કસોટી Module- 1 જોડાવા અહિ ક્લિક કરવું


સંધાન-MAT: માનસિક અભિયોગ્યતા કસોટી Module- 2 જોડાવા અહિ ક્લિક કરવું


સંધાન-MAT: માનસિક અભિયોગ્યતા કસોટી Module- 3 જોડાવા અહિ ક્લિક કરવું

સંધાન-MAT: માનસિક અભિયોગ્યતા કસોટી Module- 4 જોડાવા અહિ ક્લિક કરવું

NMMS પરીક્ષા ની હોલ ટિકિટ ડાઉનલોડ કરો અહીંથી

Nmms પરીક્ષા ની તારીખ જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો


NMMS પરીક્ષાની તારીખ જાહેર

 17/04/2022 ને રવિવારના રોજ લેવાશે પરીક્ષાની 

 આ તારીખથી ડાઉનલોડ કરી શકો છો હોલ ટિકિટ 

Download હોલ ટિકિટ click here

NMMS પ્રેક્ટીસ બુક 2022

📚પંચામૃત NMMS


ભરૂચ ડાયટ દ્વારા તૈયાર pdf બુક⤵️

NMMS પંચામૃત 2022 pdf BOOK

 NMMS BOOKમાર્ગદર્શિકા ભાગા નં:-૧

 NMMS BOOKમાર્ગદર્શિકા ભાગા નં:-૨

NMMS પંચામૃત 2022 pdf BOOK

આજની લેટસ્ટ ઉપડેટ પોસ્ટ

આજના લેટસ્ટ સમાચાર વાંચવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો

આજની નવી લેટસ્ટ જોબ વેકેનસી ની માહિતી માટે અહીં ક્લીક કરો

આજની લેટસ્ટ એપ  ની જાણકારી  માટે અહીં ક્લીક કરો

આજની હેલ્થ ટિપ્સ માટે અહીં ક્લીક કરો

આજના નવા પરિપત્ર માટે અહીં ક્લીક કરો

આજની લેટસ્ટ   ગુજરાતી એજ્યુકેશન ઉપડેટ માટે અહીં ક્લીક કરો

Concentrate on encounters can likewise be furnished through video chat through interview with a far off individual, conversation meeting, conference and so forth The information on a specialist can be profited. With the assistance of an organization associated worker, understudies sitting in a homeroom can concentrate regarding their matter through a test or conversation with an individual sitting a few kilometers away.

In a video gathering, two individuals or one individual can talk about with another gathering. Can find in front. Understudies can see the master individual before the member in the video gathering live on the worker screen before them. The far off individual can hear what the understudies need to say about tackling issues, clear developments in the topic, and so on

Understudies can likewise see things from a far off individual who composes, acts, shows, draws, and so on You may likewise ask sub-inquiries during the conversation. Issues can be settled by trading thoughts through shared conclusions, conversations, and so on Study by video gathering - While instructing, the educator or subject master presents the substance through video from one of the fundamental spots. Understudies sit in their review habitats or study rooms and pay attention to the instructor or informed authority and watch his activities.


Every one of these areas is associated with a web cam suburbanite that interfaces with that area. The video picture of the individual can arrive at better places. Along these lines everybody can see and hear one another. The understudy presents his concern when the need emerges.

The educator or subject expert present at the primary community takes care of the issue. At present the most extreme number of video conferencing is expanding step by step. It is involved more in open gatherings. Video conferencing is advancing because of the advancement of innovation. Hon'ble Narendra Modiji additionally offers his viewpoints through video conferencing. An enormous number can exploit this.

With the advancement of innovation, the conceivable outcomes of involving video in media transmission became intrinsic, while TV Video conferencing is the point at which the input of projects broadcast from is in sound organization. What is video chat?

Video conferencing is a strategy that permits individuals in various areas to tune in and observe one another, as well as trade PC based Internet pages, libraries, enhancements, archives or programming. Study by video chat - While educating, the educator or subject expert presents the substance through video from one spot (primary focus).

Understudies tune in and watch the instructor sitting in their review place or home review room. Every one of these webcams is associated with a worker, through which an individual's video picture ventures out starting with one spot then onto the next, so everybody can see and hear one another. Understudies present their concern when required. The educator or subject expert present at the fundamental community takes care of the issue. Different understudies engaged with video chat likewise partake in this conversation.


Also, PC reports, programming, pictures, music, sound or some other substance that can be conveyed by means of the Internet can be conveyed to up to fifty individuals from their own PC. Any understudy or educator can save such data on their PC.

Benefits of Video Teleconferencing: Advantages of Video Teleconferencing can be displayed as follows: Advantages of Expert: Video remotely coordinating is helpful when eye to eye visit of a spot or individual is beyond the realm of possibilities. The understudy can profit from the individual. Save time: Video remotely coordinating saves time.

There is an easier and less expensive procedure than going to visit an individual or a spot. More in person contact: Students reach out to understudies from everywhere the world and can acquire information from the financial circumstance and issues of various nations. Improvement of different abilities: Students foster the expertise of posing inquiries and examining. Understudies can go past critical thinking.

Utilization of video chat in training: Teleconferencing without a trace of the instructor helps in finishing the incomplete showing work of the understudies. Video chats are extremely valuable for the understudy to know whether there are any troubles in acquiring a comprehension of the substance. Video chats are exceptionally valuable in acquiring a precise comprehension of any subject notwithstanding data.

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NMMS શિષ્યવૃત્તિ પરીક્ષા  STD 8

 🛑 તારીખ 17/04/2022 ને રવિવારે છે.

✴️  વિદ્યાર્થીઓ ની તૈયારી માટે

✳️  A TO Z માહિતી 

ફોર્મ થી લઇ કેટલો ને કઈ રીતે લાભ મળે  

 ✴️  OMR કઈ રીતે ભરવી નમૂના સાથે 


✳️  અભ્યાસક્રમ ❓

✴️   પ્રશ્નો  1 થી 180 કઈ રીત ના આવે  ❓ઉદારહણ સાથે 

✍️વિડીયો જુઓ : Video જોવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો

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