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Friday, February 4, 2022

Kids All in One Gujarati App For children

 Kids All in One Gujarati App is one bundle that assists your children with further developing their Nursery information in a visual manner to learn and recollect different significant essential components about their school course or subjects in the Gujarati Language.

Different classifications remembered for App like English and Gujarati Alphabets, Puzzles, Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, Colors, Shapes, Flowers, Numbers, Birds, Months, Week Days, Transportation, Directions, Body Parts, Sports, Festivals, Countries and some more. Kids All in One Gujarati App has quite recently changed the gaining from the study hall to the home.

સ્કૂલો માટે સરકારની નવી ગાઈડલાઈન જે રાજ્યોમાં કોરોનાના કેસ 5%થી ઓછા ત્યાં સ્કૂલો ખુલશે, અંતિમ નિર્ણય રાજ્ય સરકાર લેશે.

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સ્કૂલો માટે સરકારની નવી ગાઈડલાઈન જે રાજ્યોમાં કોરોનાના કેસ 5%થી ઓછા ત્યાં સ્કૂલો ખુલશે, અંતિમ નિર્ણય રાજ્ય સરકાર લેશે

LIve બજેટ જોવા નીચેની લિંક પર ક્લીક કરશો

Kids All in One Gujarati App For children
Kids All in One Gujarati App For children 

A Kid All in One Gujarati is very basic and simple to utilize. Have your youngster swipe pictures around the screen to see and hear the name articulated. The astounding designs, lovely tones, incredible movement, and amazing ambient sound make the ongoing interaction interesting and the children curious to learn.

Kids All in One Gujarati App For children

Guardians can likewise invest energy with their kids, realize English words for every classification name and furthermore keep your child occupied with training and amusement. We genuinely trust that guardians won't be desirous as we didn't have this sort of fun learning and we needed to go through exhausting books only.A Kid All in One Gujarati App to play and practice with straightforward expansion, deduction, duplication, and division. Presently download and play for nothing on android! Further develop child's science abilities or master counting numbers. The games are so straightforward and simple even the most youthful children can play it

Kids All in One Gujarati App For children

The App has the most additional thing is Paint is for babies to mess around with a paintbrush. Painting for youngsters is continuously intriguing to play, they can paint and change colors a few times. With drawings and painting kindergarten can make their own world.The paint will further develop your kid's imagination with the bright universe of drawings. Shading Paint has 20+ Stickers for the work of art to make drawing more lovely like your young children.

In-App has a Real compass to learn course. Compass for Direction provides you with the headings of North, East, West, and South. It is extremely simple to utilize.

Kids All in One Gujarati App For children

A Kid All in One Gujarati has three unique riddles Image Move, Jigsaw Puzzle, and Tic Tac Toe. Picture Move the work of art, square and roundabout molded pieces to make puzzles with beautiful drawings and bits of various sizes and shapes. Jigsaw views learning in a serious way with a choice of drag and drops object puzzles planned particularly for youngsters. The Tic Tac Toe game is a game for two players, who alternate denoting the spaces in a 3×3 network. The player who prevailed with regards to putting three individual imprints in a level, vertical, or inclining column dominates the match.

Significant connection.

Kids All in one Gujarati એપ ડાઉનલોડ અહીંથી કરો

Key Features

• Gujarati learning applications.

• Gujarati kids instructive applications

• Has a fluctuated scope of instructive classifications in a solitary application

• Alluring and bright plans and pictures for youngsters

• Kids figure out how to distinguish objects by their names

• Proficient way to express words for kid's right learning

• Days of the week for youngsters free

• Instructive games for kindergarten

• Legitimate applications for little children

• Hints of letters

• Engage game and applications for preschoolers

• Shapes and tones

• Letters and numbers

• Talking letter set

• Training puzzle

• Human body parts for training

• Child learn genuine Gujarati words

• Assist guardians with showing their children

• Train memory

• Further develop elocution

• Your kid can explore it effectively without help from anyone else

• Capacity to quiet the sound when required

• Basic swiping to move between various items

• Pleasant movements

• The game is adjusted to be taken care of without any problem

• Your little child will learn a lot quicker with this special application!

• Disconnected admittance permits you to play

• Tablet Supported

• Jigsaw Puzzles

• Spasm Tac Toe

• Picture Move

• Shrewd Compass

Kids All in one Gujarati એપ ડાઉનલોડ અહીંથી કરો

We are pleased to present our 'Hindi for Kids' application which assists your children with learning Hindi letters in order, object portrayals for each letter and with human articulation.

300+ Hindi words and sounds for your little ones to learn and investigate Hindi letters and words.

Allow your children to learn Hindi Alphabets in a simple manner by relating every Alphabet with a creature or article.

Come let us tweak your child to LEARN Hindi by utilizing your advanced mobile phone which is just about as engaging as messing around.

Does letter sets are the main thing to gain from our App?

Positively a major NO. The children can learn all the more, for example, Wild creatures, Domestic creatures, Colors, Shapes, Fruits ,Vegetables, Hindi Numbers, Days, English Months, Seasons, Solar System, Human body parts, Vehicles and Professions.

Every one of the pictures in this App are made exactly with the goal that the children can without much of a stretch recognize and relate it to the genuine items.

This application assists the child with distinguishing objects as well as assists with learning right ways to express Hindi words utilized in everyday life.


• Learn Hindi Swar and Vyanjan with pictures and sounds.

• Simple route in a successive way (so your children can investigate all alone), Slideshow mode accessible.

• Focused on for youngsters age under 5 years.

• Utilize the App as a Flash Card for an energetic learning.

• Get suggestion to show your children.

• This application completely works in without web association too.

We are anxious to hear from guardians, educators and from youngsters as well, concerning how this application had the effect in learning Hindi during the youthful student's schooling progress.

It will be incredible joy assuming you rate this application and compassionately post your significant remarks, since we truly esteem it.

Download Hindi Vrnmala App

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