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Sunday, January 23, 2022

26 January Ke 15 Mi August C.L Muki Sakay?JAnswer Sixak Jyot Page

 26 January Ke 15 Mi August C.L Muki Sakay?JAnswer Sixak Jyot Page 

Whatever the kind of leave, the division should demand the leave in the recommended structure. The leave of essential instructors is normally endorsed by the schooling part of the taluka or area panchayat. 

It is critical to note here that the power to deny leave has a place with the position however doesn't reserve the option to change the sort of leave. To put it plainly, the mentioned leave ought to be conceded or denied. In the public interest, the official can take his own choice at his own attentiveness. Leave can likewise be denied in conditions that influence the strength of the school. 

Under Rule-2, if a worker much of the time presents a clinical declaration and goes on leave, the consideration of the Civil Surgeon \ Government Medical Officer might be attracted to give him an adequate time of leave to completely recuperate. 

Furthermore, in the event that you plan to show up again to exploit the leave and request leave once more, such an exception can't be given. (Rule-3) 

The start and end of the occasion; 

26 January Ke 15 Mi August C.L Muki Sakay?JAnswer Sixak Jyot Page 

26 January ke 15 August C.l Muki sakay Anwer of Sixak Jyot

Leave is viewed as the start of the day from the day you leave the charge because of leave. Leave can be considered as delight till the following day of participation. Sunday and substantial leave can be added previously or after. Be that as it may, on the off chance that the leave closes on working day, at that point the representative is available likewise. Need to occur. The representative must be available and report to his/her official. The mark of the instructor responsible for organizing his/her class during leave ought to likewise be taken. 

Can't be available before the finish of the leave. In the event that he needs to be available, he can be available with the authorization of the leave endorsing official. The individuals who are missing for additional days than the left demand are not qualified for pay for this time of nonappearance. This time is additionally not thought about gradually. Half compensation leave can be conceded if the official permits. Intentional nonattendance from obligation after fruition of leave can be considered as offense with the end goal of BCS Rules 3. Can be accounted for.

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