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Sunday, December 19, 2021

HiCont Hide your contacts APK

 HiCont Hide your contacts APK

This stunning application allows you to conceal private contacts to stay away from clashes with your accomplice, companions, and surprisingly your chief!

HiCont Hide your contacts APK

Make an undetectable contacts list where you can securely conceal contacts and telephone numbers from your Contacts list. No one but you can get to your secret contacts by means of a protected and dependable security framework.

This application utilizes an exceptionally solid validation framework, giving you the choice to set up an Access PIN, Lock Pattern or Calculator Lock, in blend with a profoundly progressed gatecrasher alert. You can likewise ensure your photographs with unique mark validation.

Initiate 'bogus mode' with a different access code and offer this bogus secret word to show one more rundown of contacts fitting your personal preference. In this manner the rundown of your genuinely covered up contacts will go undetected. To enact this choice just enter Settings and press Activate False Mode.

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With this application, you can make your contacts imperceptible, conceal your ex's number and enact a security framework with gatecrasher caution to make you in the event that someone attempts aware of accessing your private contacts.

Fundamental Features:

Conceal contacts from your Contacts list

Conceal WhatsApp contacts

Make contacts imperceptible

Access PIN

Lock Pattern

Cover Calculator

Gatecrasher alert

Confine contacts

Actuate False Mode

This application needs the authorization to get to your contacts to have the option to conceal them. We don't save or impart your contacts to anybody. Your private contacts are protected and put away locally on your gadget as it were.

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