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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

How much money do you get if a dog bites? Learn the law

 How much money do you get if a dog bites? Learn the law

Stray cattle and dogs are a major problem in the country's cities and in many cases, people have lost their lives due to it. Complaints of dog bites, especially in stray cattle, are frequent and there is always a demand for redressal of this problem. There is a law in the country that if you don't realize, 

you can get compensation in case of dog bites as well as damage from cattle attacks. Then find out about this law in today's Ek Vaat Kau area ...

કૂતરું કરડે તો તમને કેટલા પૈસાનું વળતર મળે? જાણો કાયદો

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Dr. Ambedkar Foreign Study Loan Scheme (Scheduled Caste) 

Dr. Ambedkar Foreign Study Loan Scheme (Scheduled Caste) 

Branch of Social Justice and Empowerment, Director, Scheduled Caste Welfare Block no. 2, second floor, dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar Dr. Ambedkar Foreign Study Loan Scheme (Scheduled Caste) 

Declaration to apply online for the year 2021-22 

ONLINE Applications Dt. Dated from 29/05/2021 Must be finished by 31/07/2021. Applications won't be acknowledged after as far as possible. 

Chief, Office of Unscheduled Caste Welfare, Gandhinagar for the year 2021-22. Ambedkar Overseas Higher Study Loan 

Under the plan, online applications are welcomed from understudies who need to get credit for higher investigations abroad for understudies of unscheduled standing in the territory of Gujarat, subject to the endorsed conditions to get advance for the year 2021-22 inside the restrictions of the arrangement. These applications should be acknowledged online exclusively by understudies 

You need to go to the site and apply. 

● The greatest advance sum is Rs. 15.00 lakhs (fifteen lakhs) advance at 5% premium per annum 

● For confirmation graduate or identical courses after Std-12 

● For Post Graduate Course after Bachelor Degree 

● The norm of yearly family pay cutoff won't matter. 

● Must be essentially half at Std-12 graduation level 

Significantly required bases 

● Caste model, school leaving authentication 

● Marksheet degree endorsement of study and premise of rate 

● Offer letter for concentrate abroad) - 20/Letter of acknowledgment 

● The reason for the expense of the examination 

● Copy of understudy's visa 

● A duplicate of the understudy's visa to that country 

● How to top off air ticket structure: 

To profit the advantages of this plan, the candidate understudy needs to go to the accompanying site and top off the online structure prior to traveling to another country. 

An example structure, endorsed testimony, rundown of required connection grounds is given in the Directorate Scheduled Caste Welfare on the DASHBOARD of FAQs for the understudy to help in filling the online structure. 

(N.A. Ninama IAS) 


Planned Caste Welfare Gujarat State, Gandhinagar

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