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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Hide Photo and Video - Calculator vault APK Free Download 2023

  Hide Photo and  Video  - Calculator vault APK Free Download 2021 

Stowaway photographs and recordings - Calculator vault APK Free Download 2021 Use the best adding machine photograph vault to cover up photographs, shroud pictures, conceal recordings. 

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Number cruncher Photo Vault is the Vault application that can subtly Hide Photos, Hide Videos, and different documents secretly as the exhibition lock introduced in your telephone looks like a lovely adding machine, and functions admirably. Your documents will be covertly put away in a vault and must be seen after a Numeric PIN is entered on the number cruncher board of this application. 

Hide Photo and  Video  - Calculator vault APK Free Download 2021
Hide Photo and  Video  - Calculator vault APK Free Download 2021 

Top Features: 

☆Vault: Through the AES encryption calculation, encode the substance that you would prefer not to impart to other people, and the document design, size with no limitations, yet additionally support taking pictures and recording recordings. 

☆Browser: An inbuilt private program for your protected perusing of private sites and downloading of photographs from web and lock in a flash inside photograph vault and leaves no tracks in your framework. 

☆Shake Close: Shake the telephone can rapidly close the application, so everything in your control. 

☆Intruder Selfie: Automatically takes Intruder selfie when somebody attempts to break in your protection by entering the incorrectly secret key. 

☆Fake Vault: Create a Fake vault with the various secret phrases for putting away phony photographs and recordings. 

☆Fingerprint Unlock: To give you a quicker, safer approach to open. 

☆Colorful Theme: An assortment of popular shadings, any match, to make your elite topic. 

☆Calculator: Offers all the standard and logical number cruncher capacities in a basic, jazzy and simple to utilize. 

- - FAQ - - 

How to open it? 

Enter your secret word and press '=' catch to open. 

How would I be able to respond on the off chance that I failed to remember my secret word? 

In the event that you fail to remember your secret word, essentially enter a number '11223344' into Calculator and press the '=' button, then, at that point recover your secret phrase by entering the answer of your security question. 

How to reestablish encoded documents? 

A long push on the encoded document will enter the alter mode, you can reestablish it by utilizing the reestablish button in the activity bar. 

Are my secret documents put away on the web? 

Your documents are put away just on your gadget, so kindly try to reinforce all your secret records prior to moving to a new gadget or manufacturing plant reset. 

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Change secret phrase? 

Kindly go to the application's "Settings > Safe > Lock Type" to change the open secret word.

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