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Thursday, April 15, 2021

SBI Corona Rakshak Policy

  If corona occurs, stop worrying about the cost of treatment, SBI is giving the best policy for only Rs 156

Get your crown treated at an expense of just Rs 156, this arrangement of SBI will help up to Rs 2 lakh 

SBI Corona Rakshak Policy: The blowout of the Corona Virus is constantly expanding in the country. Travelers are compelled to get back. Simultaneously, the quantity of patients in the emergency clinic isn't checked. Spots from the government to private emergency clinics are full. In such a circumstance, the public authority is masterminding extra beds. 

Simultaneously, a great many poor and working-class individuals can't get treatment for a crown. Self-assertive charges are being gathered for crown treatment in numerous private emergency clinics. Indeed, even medications are coming extravagant. 

SBI Corona Rakshak Policy only 156 rs
SBI Corona Rakshak Policy only 156 rs

Crown change is expanding quickly the nation over nowadays. In the event that you additionally experience the ill effects of the crown and are stressed over the expense of treatment, don't take any pressure. 

SBI (State Bank of India), the biggest government bank in the nation, has thought of a unique intend to cover your costs. In which you can profit the advantage of this plan in any event, for just Rs. 156. It is to be referenced that the name of this plan of the bank is Corona Rakshak Policy. It is additionally imperative to know the subtleties of this arrangement. 

In such a circumstance, the State Bank of India has concocted a Corona Rakshak Policy. In this, the back cover is furnishing monetary help to individuals managing pandemics. Individuals from 18 years to 65 years can benefit from this plan. In the Corona Rakshak Policy, help from 50 thousand to two lakh 50 thousand rupees is being given by SBI. 

State Bank clients can benefit from the crown defender strategy. SBI Life Insurance Company will deal with all their clinical costs at Covid. We should think about the Corona Rakshak Policy of SBI.

While there is a worrying rise in corona cases across the country, this SBI policy will be useful for you if you are also a corona sufferer and worried about the cost of treatment.

If corona occurs, stop worrying

The best is this policy of SBI

Get insurance cover of Rs 50,000 for Rs 156

SBI, the country's largest government bank, has come up with a special scheme for the treatment of corona. In which you will have to spend only 156 rupees. The name of this policy is Corona Rakshak Policy.

સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી વિગતવાર ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

SBI Corona Rakshak Policy

કોરોના પોલિસી વિશે વધુ માહિતી માટે નીચેની લિંકની મુલાકાત લઈ શકો છો.

તમારૂ વીમા પ્રિમિયમ થાય તે ચકાસવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

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What is the Corona Guard Policy?

SBI Corona Rakshak Policy is a health insurance protection plan

State Bank of India's Covid policy can be taken without any medical test

One hundred percent insurance cover is available to the policyholder

The policy buyer must be at least 18 years of age

The Corona Rakshak policy has a minimum premium of Rs 156 and a maximum premium of Rs 2,230

SBI's Corona Rakshak policy has time limits of 105 days, 195 days, and 285 days

The policy covers cover ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2 lakh.

A person will have to pay Rs 157 to get a cover of Rs 50,000.

For more information, please call 022-27599908.

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