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Sunday, February 21, 2021

circulation of Food Security Allowances

 Subtleties of circulation of Food Security Allowances at the school level, Mamlatdar's office, and Taluka Primary Education Officer's office. 

Dear Sir, Again: Bonus Payment 1 "April 2016 to 19" for the time frame July 2016 alludes to our conversations on the topic. If it's not too much trouble, note that we have just spoken with you on various occasions, in the past that when we marked the agreement on July 1, 2010, we paid the reward for the full monetary year as prompted by ONGC. Our concurrence with you was finished on July 19, 2016. As such the new worker for hire has assumed control over his responsibility, and we mentioned that you send a reward installment to the new project worker. We would indeed demand that you ask another project worker who has taken care of the procedure on your premises to end the reward installment. Trust explains this point. To thank you and guarantee you of our best consideration consistently, we remain. 

Today, on Sunday 27/12/2020, a leader meeting of District Primary Teachers Union Surendranagar was held at Green School, Kathada town, Patti taluka. 

Leader of Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union Shri Digvijay Singh Jadeja and General Secretary Satishbhai Patel were available in the chief gathering of the District Primary Teachers Union. The two dignitaries were respected. 

Shri Mahamantri Shri A, President of Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union educated about the exercises of the Sangh 

Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union has given a noteworthy choice to the public authority by giving the advantage of Sarang occupation to Vidya Sahayak since 1997. 

Broadened the term of c and gave overdue debts of Rs. 1200 crore 

Buckling down day and night to get 4200 evaluation pay, Chanakya strategy was reported to the Chief Minister and 65000 instructors were offered back their privileges. 


In light of a legitimate concern for the instructor who remained with us in the slaughter camp of Surendranagar region, the camp was finished sufficiently by the guidance of the chief. 

In the coming days, Taluka Internal Transfer Camp just as District Fair Transfer Camp have been presented for 100% fruition. 

It has been recommended that the more significant compensation size of 9,20.31 ought to be taken in the quantity of 50 which is presently being taken in the quantity of 30 every month at Gandhinagar. 

H.tat Acharya's r immediately chose to give around 

An individual from Surendranagar District Primary Teachers Union can't join some other association and if an educator turns into an individual from another association, such instructor kin will naturally lose the enrollment of Surendranagar District Primary Teachers Union. 

That was chosen consistently 

Ltd. Yours steadfastly 

Important Link 

Read Circular: Click Here. 

President/General Secretary Shri 

Subtleties of conveyance of Food Security Allowances at the school level, Mamlatdar's office, and Taluka Primary Education Officer's office.

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