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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

You Can Become A Victim Of Cyber ​​Money Fraud So Easily, Learn How To Try Tricks

  You Can Become A Victim Of Cyber ​​Money Fraud So Easily, Learn How To Try Tricks

The exchange of money at the touch of a finger - these words are as exciting as they used to be, but now they are scary. We read in the newspapers almost every day that people have lost a few thousand or lakhs of rupees as a result of cyber fraud. Victims of fraud include high-ranking officials, doctors, and even professors.

You Can Become A Victim Of Cyber ​​Money Fraud So Easily, Learn How To Try Tricks

Because of this, what is really a convenient convenience for everyone is now viewed with suspicion. Nowadays, contactless payment has become inevitable, QR code boards for online payments have started appearing everywhere, starting from Panipuri, so people have started using it, but its intricacies are not yet understood.

On the other hand, in many states like Jharkhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, cyber fraud has become a housing industry. The modus operandi of these people is almost the same - to intimidate or seduce us in some way, then to make us careless and then to withdraw money from our account. Fraudsters take full advantage of the fact that people do not know some of the basics of precautions to be taken when using online payment apps.

 Strangers tell us we should never install an app on our phone, but people do. We should never do a transaction somewhere (not even in our own account) at the behest of a stranger, yet people do. People forget even the simple thing of giving their PIN if they want to get money.

Why does this happen? Almost everyone who has been a victim of cyber fraud admits that the swindler treats them in a way that makes them think again! The fact is that thugs know our weaknesses, so we don't know the tricks of thugs. Many such people experience that once they fall victim to cyber fraud, recovering the lost money becomes a difficult, long, and in many cases impossible process.

That is why, just like an accident, there is safety in precaution. Below, here are some common techniques used by fraudsters to defraud the rupee online. Some people will think this is a very basic thing, some will think that it would have been better if they had read this before!

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This topic is very serious and can go very deep in every aspect, focusing only on what is happening now in general and what needs to be taken care of to avoid it. If you know all of this, it's a good idea to just share this information with other members of your family, especially those who don't know the ins and outs of using payment apps.

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