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Saturday, October 3, 2020

10 rules will be changed, including the Insurance-Aadhaar card

10 rules will be changed, including the Insurance-Aadhaar card

From 1st October 2020 i.e. from today 10 big changes are going to take place in India. These changes will have a direct impact on your life. Aside from these new rules where you get relief, there can also be financial losses if you don’t take care of certain things. These include the price of gas cylinder, health insurance policy, Aadhaar-ration card, mixing other edible oil in mustard, need to keep documents in the car, price of the TV, free gas connection, sending money abroad.

Includes rules related to tax, time for open dessert, etc.

1. While driving, mobile phones can only be used for route navigation in a way that does not distract the driver while driving. But talking on a mobile while driving may result in a fine of Rs 5,000.

2. Under Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana poor families are given free gas cylinder connection. The scheme expires on September 30. That means you will no longer be able to take advantage of a free gas connection.

3. A major change in a health insurance policy is going to take place from October 1, according to the rules of the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India. Now all and more illness cover will be available at a lower rate under the new health insurance policy. This change has been made to make health insurance policies standardized and customer-centric.

4. From October 1, executives will have to state the deadline for the use of open sweets sold in the market. The government has made this rule mandatory. This means that you will now see an expiry date on sweets as well.

5. Oil companies review LPG cylinder prices at the beginning of each month. From today, the prices of cooking gas cylinders in the country will change. At present, the government subsidizes 12 cylinders for each household in a year. But more cylinders can be bought at market price.

6. Mustard oil can no longer be mixed with other edible oils. The government has banned the mixing of any other oil in mustard oil. It could also push up mustard oil prices now.

7. No need to keep documents like driving license, RC, insurance, PUC while driving. You can now display the document on a digital platform. So from today, you can do all the operations online including traffic fines, licenses.

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8. TV prices are going to go up from today. From today, the TV open sales will be taxed at 5 percent. As a result, the prices of TVs can go up to Rs 1,500.

9. The last date for linking the Aadhaar card with the ration card was 30th September. From today you will not be able to link ration card with the Aadhaar card.

10. The government has changed the tax rule on sending money abroad. It will now cost around five per cent TCS to send money abroad.

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