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Sunday, May 24, 2020

GPSC, PSI, Deputy Mamlatdar, for preparation of GSSB examination

 GPSC, PSI, Deputy Mamlatdar, for preparation of GSSB examination

 Constable Special-1


  (1) Which district of Gujarat has the least number of villages?
 (2) Kothara Jain Tirthdham is located in which district?
 (3) Which place in Gujarat is known for Patara?
 (2) Bhavnagar port is located at the mouth of which river?
 (2) Which village was declared as BioVillage?
 -Mosha (Porbandar)
 (2) Which district is bounded by only one district?
 (2) Which port of Gujarat is known as the first private port of India?
 (2) Which caste has the largest population among the tribals of Gujarat?
 - Bhil
 (2) What is the biggest Lokmelo of Gujarat?
 (10) What is the most famous fair of Gujarat?
 -Swimming Fair (Thane)
 (11) Where is the largest wind farm of Gujarat located?
 -Lamba (Jamnagar)
 (12) The bank of which river is known as Suvali hill?
 (16) Where is the refinery for refining shark oil located?
 (12) Where is the International Kite Festival held?
 - Ahmedabad
 (12) Akshardham temple is located in which sector of Gandhinagar?
 - Sector 30
 (12) Where is the crocodile rearing center located?
 - Sasangir
 Where is the National Peanut Research Center located?
 (12) Who supervises and maintains the airport in Jamnagar?
 -Defense Department (Center)
 (12) Where and when was India's first narrow gauge railway line built?
 - Between Dabhoi and Miyagam
 (20) Where do the two coastal highways connect?
 -Lakhpat to Umargam
 Which district has the highest scheduled population in Gujarat?
 - Kutch
 (2) How many irrigation schemes were there in Gujarat before India got independence?
 - Two (1) Hathmati (2) Kharikat Canal
 (2) Where is the Central Pulp Mill located?
 -Songadh (Tapi)
 (2) What is the largest cement factory in Gujarat?
  -Narmada Cement Factory (Bharuch)
 (કઈ What by-products are found in the sugar industry?
 (2) The ancient temple of Jogani Mata "Palodar" is located in which district?
 (2) Which breed of sheep is famous for carpet production in Gujarat?
 (2) Where was the tidal power station established?
 - Hansthali Ta. Jodia Dist. Jamnagar
 (2) What is the highest peak of Mandvi hill?
 In which district is the port of Onjal located?
 (21) Rupen port is located in which district?
 (2) In which district is “Mankadi Dam” located?
 (2) In which district is the “Knowledge Vav” located?
 -Siddhpur (Patan)
 (3) Where is Lala Lajpat Rai Bagh located?
 (2) In which district are Mityala and Longdi Dungar located?
 (2) What is the highest hill of Kutch?
 -Black dunes
 (2) Where is the shark oil plant located?
 (3) Which port has been developed as a sea terminal?
  - Salaya Port (Devbhoomi Dwarka)
 (2) Which was the first city in Gujarat to be supplied gas through pipeline?
 - Vadodara
 Where is Adani Airport located?
  -Mundra (Kutch)

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