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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Gography of Gujarat

Gography of Gujarat

 Chandol is on the banks of which river?

 Where does the river Sukbhadar originate from?
 થીFrom the hill near the peak

 In which district is Dholidhaja Dam located?

 કયા Which district of Gujarat has the highest population density?

 How many cities in Gujarat have a population of more than one lakh?

 In which district is the Purple Horse Sanctuary located?

 કયા Most of the agate is obtained from which district of Gujarat?
 👉🏻Narmada district

 From which taluka of Banaskantha district copper, lead and zinc are found?
 👉🏻Danta taluka

 In which year mineral oil and natural gas were found from Lunej village of Anand district?
 E.S.  13

 લેDholera port is located in which district?

 In which city is Lake Sharmishtha located?
 In Vadnagar

 Where is the headquarters of Deendayal Petroleum University located?
 👉🏻Rayasan (Gandhinagar)

 On which river is the Khodiyar Dam located?
 પરOn the Shetrunji river

 કઈWhich is the first refinery in Gujarat?

 Which river in Gujarat is known as Suryaputri?
 Tapi river


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