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Monday, September 21, 2020

Std 3 To 8 Ekam Kashoti Abhyash Kram September 2020

Std 3 To 8 Ekam Kashoti Abhyash Kram September 2020

 What is the difference between jaggery and sugar? Which is better? Why the only jaggery is used ?? Etc. Information for you ...

Read the article calmly, think and follow ... if you find it useful, don't forget to share it with others ...

Std 3 to 8 Ekam Kashoti Abhyash Kram September 2020

Std 3 To 8 Ekam Kashoti Abhyash Kram September 2020
Std 3 To 8 Ekam Kashoti Abhyash Kram September 2020

It is written in Ayurveda that the sugar that the body gets from food is digested in the stomach quickly and there is no disturbance in the way. There should not be anything in the food that stops the digestion...

There is a very large laboratory in our country called CDRI (CENTRAL Drug research institute). Rajivbhai went there, talked to the scientists to tell you what are the things in the food that hinder the natural sugar in our food to help the body, all the scientists named the thing with one voice,

      His name was Sugar.

What to eat instead?

        The answer is round

The difference between jaggery and sugar!

There is a big difference between the two, to make sugar you have to mix 2 toxins (chemicals) in sugarcane juice and they all go inside the body but cannot get out and jaggery is the only one that is made directly without adding any toxins Heat the cane juice, it becomes round. There is nothing to mix. Only milk is to be mixed in it and nothing else is to be mixed.

The best thing you can eat from jaggery is molasses. If you've ever seen a roundabout, you'll know. This molasses is better than jaggery, keep molasses in a bucket, it does not get worse, you can keep it comfortably for 1 year. The price of khaki is also the same as that of jaggery. Now either you eat molasses or you eat jaggery. If you get molasses, understand that you are a king, if you don't get molasses, you are getting jaggery, then you are a small king.

Sugar has ruined the whole world. Ever since I started making and eating sugar, everyone's body condition has been bad.

Interesting information:


Apart from India, jaggery and molasses are in high demand in countries of the world. Because sweets made from sugar spoil quickly, they do not have quality, but sweets made from jaggery do not spoil for many months and are of good quality.

You will be surprised to hear that the price of jaggery in the village is 40-50 rupees per kg. But in Israel, jaggery sells for Rs 170 per kg. The price of jaggery in Germany is Rs 210 per kg, while in Canada the price of jaggery is Rs 60 per kg in Indian rupees. There is a huge demand for jaggery in all these countries. He knows that sugar is cheaper there

Sugar is poison and jaggery is nectar.

Remember the same thing with jaggery and sugar. If you eat sugar, it has to be digested and it has so many harmful elements that it is not easily digested. If you eat jaggery, jaggery is such a good quality that whatever you eat with jaggery, it will digest jaggery.

   Round food is digested in just 2 hours and 30 minutes. That is why you need to eat jaggery with food and do not eat sugar at all.

If you follow this formula, 12 serious diseases like diabetes, arthritis, asthma, osteomyelitis will never come in life.

    You get rid of sugar from your life as we only get natural sugar from fruits or other things, this sugar is a big obstacle in the way you digest it.

One thing to remember is that if there is one thing to give up and hate the most, do it with sugar,

Eat jaggery.

One important thing...

  We have to import sugar from China etc., while jaggery is a product of our own country ... let's give it a special place in food ... let's make the country economically prosperous too ...

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